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AHS: Freak Show - Episode 5 "Pink Cupcakes" Breakdown

Ryan and Greg break down American Horror Story Freak Show Episode 5 "Pink Cupcakes."

Stanley starts his evil plan to make money off the Freak Show but thankfully he doesn't quite get away with it. Meanwhile, Maggie is having seconds thoughts and even tries to warn Jimmy.

As for Jimmy, he's still recovering from Meep's death and surviving his encounter with Twisty and Dandy in the woods. He's hailed as a hero in the town but he doesn't quite see it that way. He would eventually hook up with Desiree but he was a bit too hands on.

Desiree finds out that she had a miscarriage and she eventually gets the courage to stand up to Dell. The strong man has been spending much of his time at a local gay bar and hasn't come to grips with what he truly wants in life.

Now that Twisty is gone, Dandy goes full Patrick Bateman and his mother Gloria is left to cover up his horrendous murder. Unfortunately for the Motts, Dora's daughter Regina is looking for her mother and she won't be letting up anytime soon.

Finally, Elsa Mars performs another David Bowie song but gets booed off the stage. By the episodes end, she takes Richard (actually Stanley) up on his fake proposal to become a TV star. What he really wants, much like the Freak Show audience, is the Tattler twins.