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AHS: 1984 Season Finale - Episode 9 "Final Girl" Breakdown

What was the most surprising moment in American Horror Story's Season 9 finale? The Final Girl! Ryan and Greg break down the season finale of AHS: 1984.

In the ninth and final episode of AHS: 1984, we meet a grown up Bobby Richter (Mr. Jingles’ son), played by returning AHS actor Finn Wittrock, who we’ve previously seen in Freak Show, Hotel, and Roanoke. It’s 2019, and Bobby searches for Camp Redwood to find answers about his father, Benjamin (John Carroll Lynch).

We learn what happened during Halloween 1989, and see what the ghosts have been up to at the camp for the last 30 years. And finally, we learn the identity of the “final girl” of the season - Is it Brooke (Emma Roberts), Donna (Angelica Ross), or Margaret (Leslie Grossman)?

In the video above, Ryan and Greg go through the major plot points, references, and biggest questions we have from the Season 9 finale. For more on FX’s American Horror Story, watch our spotlight on Frances Conroy’s roles in AHS, the best of Lily Rabe, and celebrating 100 episodes with the AHS cast.

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