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love the graphics. samuel l jackson is cool. the music is awesome. Overall, the demo's entertaining. but do I buy it or just wait a few more months and get it used?

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wonder wat the online is lyc

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Can't wait for this game. I like the graphics, very bandai. They are keeping with the anime theme, yet giving in to the new gen graphics. The gameplay looks great. I wonder what the storyline and achievements will be?

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it should come out for pc. one more thing, the anime sucked.

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My oh my... An Afro game... I would surely buy one...

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Needs to be developed more...

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The anime wasn't all that good. The music sucked and the voices that weren't done by Samuel were plain bad. The manga is great though. Hope this will be too.

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Oh my goodness, I think I may be in love. SO often they get Hack n Slash wrong by trying to complicate it, with this if they can control themselves they could get this so right.

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To sam1771771... you need to get out more man

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Excelent... it is I've been waiting for

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Youngying i assume it is the RZA as he did the score for the anime.

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this game suck

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Any info on the song + artist? I hope this game turns out ot be good, afro samurai is awsome.

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I like how everyone thinks they know how the combat will be from the first trailer... Also I bet that it's possible to create a good combat system without resorting to imitating other games like God of War. If you want to play God of War go play it, I hope this game can be original and fun without resorting to copying other's game mechanics.

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Graphics do look good 2 people who saat otherwise. Just because u nerd have never seen it b4 u think it bad. But it really stunning and uniqe.

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this game looks great but they should add more depth 2 when you r fighting the big guys, maybe a God of war, or prince of persia with elika button sequences. Not just hack n slash.

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Yeah, gotta agree with actnow. This was a good trailer, but then again trailers are supposed to be good (have you ever seen a bad trailer?). the video from E3 was just so average, aside from the little focus kills it was like dynasty warriors. The graphics don't look very impressive, like you know their mouths aren't going to move when they talk. I said it before and I'll say it again, I'm praying they do something to make this a good game. I'm a huge fan of the series, got Afro Samurai wallpaper on my 360, my PC, and my PSP, got the DVD, the official soundtrack, couple t-shirts, my gamerpic is afro (for my friends anyway), got the action figure, its even all over my myspace page. Suffice to say, I'm a big fan eagerly awaiting the second series. But, this is what kills me, this game should be extraordinary but it just looks average. And no matter how big a fanboy of Afro Samurai I am, I can't justify purchasing a lame game. I'm not saying its going to be lame, just saying that from what i've seen so far, its nothing special. =(

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Amazing!! I really wanna get my hands on this one!! Can't wait till it comes out.....

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doesnt look half bad but I'll still wait to see what rvry one else says before i make the call myself. This game has potential i can tell even though i havnt seen the show.

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they made a good trailer but from what i saw in the interview with them at E3 the gameplay is serverly lacking... i hope they correct that before they put this out.. but somthing tells me that they wont and this will be nothing more then your average hack n slash

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i don't know what game you guys are looking at that looks so great, all they seemed to show was clips of him jumping, doing back flips, and a couple of slashes i want to see actual gameplay not just a quick montauge of the game, while i do hope this game is going to be great. past experiences with games based on anime tells me not to get my hopes to high

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no pc version.. f*ck!!

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Man, I hope this game doesn't suck! It looks pretty decent.

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Wow... that surprisingly does not look bad.

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is the inspiriation fromm this that utube vid with that samuria guy who falls on his head?

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I hope this is good, I mean the anime was great, but the graphics I'm seeing don't look too much to speak of, looks like it was made for the PS2

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looks good, just hope it doesnt spoil the ogrininal mini series.

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I'll be waiting for more info on this game. It looks cool, but what about the game play? 8)

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Yes first comment!!! Anyways the game look's fresh and fun but just a little sketchy and easy.......