A Tekken Guide to Street Fighter

Fire from my hands?! If you've been stuck in the 3D world of Tekken and never thrown a Hadouken, we'll give you the basic rundown of Street Fighter in anticipation of Street Fighter X Tekken!

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playing this game since friday its pretty cool....

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Im a tekken fan mostly and also a street fighter fan but cmon every real gamer knows the whole street fighter story and played at least one street fighter game... when tekken came out I took notice but back then street fighter was king not until T2 I became a hardcore fan... You cant compare a 3d and 2d fighting game cause they got their own unique style but you can only do so much on 2d... The real question is how will street fighter evolve in the tekken version of this.. Tekken X Street Fighter... this might be the next step for the street fighter franchise.. or not

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man it aint that hard!

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oh, I wish I played Street fighter 2!!!

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Jin kazama?

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obviously this women knows nothing about street figter. Beating Sagat and becoming the World Warrior was what Ryu did..., Shadoloo or Shadowlaw.

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I hope Blanka and Eddy Gordo are in the game!

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@SpaceDesperado Maybe you should listen to the video all over again. :roll:

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I hope it has eddie and bryan

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will it have Jin Kazama?

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At 1:13 top right did it really say "you did not earn a trohpy....???" Does such a thing happen?

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Street Fighter 2! Miss it

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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rival ken? she better be real pretty gamespot