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Only 5 Days Away!!

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3:38 nextgen rain inside the train :p

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@shanthosh12 nextgen sci fi rain is better than robot style gladiatorish gameplay :)

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This and the recently released story trailer have shot Killzone to the top of my list of likely purchases come launch. Up until now it has been marketed as a generic multiplayer shooter.

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I'm keen. This with War-thunder will start my next-gen experience nicely:) And yes I know War-Thunder is already out on PC, but I don't have the rig, or the $1000 required to make a decent gaming PC.

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So with the Watch Dogs delay this is the only PS4 game I will have at launch. I'm really not into modern shooters, meaning the typical run & gun style of the last several years that are more about speed and personal "glory" than even slightly realistic feeling tactics. In addition, because I haven't wanted to play them, I really suck a first person shooting with a controller. A sci-setting for a shooter is even less appealing, so it seems kinda dumb for me to get Killzone. It should be noted I've never played any Killzone at all, not even just for a minute.

However, I am seeing more and more things that might appeal to me. First, the game seems to actually have a decent singleplayer campaign, and also supposedly offers stealth options, which I like. Also, I see walls being destroyed, is that arbitrary or only possible at pre-deteremined points? I'm gonna guess it's specific spots only.

Multiplayer, well that's another story. Pretty sure I'll just get slaughtered, I'm just not fast enough for today's multiplayer shooters. People have said that Killzone is a little slower paced but I have a hard time believing that :).

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puts the forza gameplay to shame good lord

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one of the points i totally agree on is the very, very high attention to detail . every day i look at this game the more i want to play it. then combining it with the beautiful slick PS4 controller oh my god. i didn't want to buy the PS4 till next year but now i don't know.

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All the colours and textures just really look good to me. And I haven't played more than Killzone 3.

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what a gorgeous looking game!

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I'll reserve judgement until I play it. I feel that the previous entries were just generic stories with unlikable characters. I hope that "gutsy" doesn't just mean the game has a lot of bad language.

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Killzone's strong point was it's story. The story used to be there to drive you along (and pretty in your face during KZ3), so I'm seriously amazed to say that ShadowFall's story is the best FPS story I've seen this year.

To me though, the greatest decision GG made is to make every weapon available from the start of your MP career. I prefer the old days where weapons weren't locked simply because I haven't played the dammed game, so to see a modern game doing it fills me with hope. Not to mention doing away with an XP system entirelly, that takes courage, and I'm itnerested in this challange progression system.

That being said the PS4 is currently out of my budget (Brazil sucks) so I'll miss out on this one for now. I'll get it with my PS4 sometime next year, hopefully.

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"Killzone's strong point was it's story." -No gamer ever

The best part of the Killzone games was the visceral combat and incredible visuals. Arguably the only flaw of the games was the narrative. Basically the games were about space nazis vs. people who aren't space nazis. And the only thing "evil" about the space nazis ,was that they were space nazis.....................................................

Video game writing for the win...............................

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@faizanhd Ops, typo. i meant"Killzone's strong point was NOT it's story". Forgot the not. :P

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Please for the love of God have a writeup with the key points so people who have limited time or with slower internet connections can at least get the gist of what is in the video without wasting the time to stream it and see the quality go all wonky and not be able to properly seek through the vid! Video only articles don't work for a lot of people!

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@chronocommander Here's the writeup that you are asking for. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/the-cold-war-endures-in-killzone-shadow-fall/1100-6415693/

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@MonkeyKinght98 @chronocommander Thanks! Either the vid was posted before or the new layout sent me to the vid instead of the article, either way, sorry for the outburst, video only articles are becoming more common and drive me nuts for the reasons in my first post.