A Dynamic Apocalypse - The Last of Us Video Preview

The E3 Last of Us demo impressed many, but things could've gone differently in that scenario. Laura and Dan share their impressions of what they saw.

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Uncharted series was just awesome and now another awesome game from naughty dog ,will buy this without even thinking

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brits...and LUST of us...

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"Still very human" not likely all because after seeing that mutated head, that is far from human.

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Hyped to the bones...that's all what i can say.

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because PS3 rules...

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'This was like my girlfriend explaining a game I own.. no No NO! get back to reading 50 shades of Grey and 'I' will talk about games! come back to me once you have played MGS.. Dragon Age or FF7! and then you may get your say.. thanks babe'

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I must have this game:D I need to get my PS3 fixed though, and then I can also play Uncharted 2 and 3. You're awesome Naughty Dog!

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dan spends way too much time staring at laura. someone tell this guy that theres a camera in front of him

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She's not bad looking either

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she's uncomfortable....and he's ronely....oh so ronely....

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Hey Dan and Laura, seeing more coverage of The Last of Us is good but you need to do some basic research other than just watch the demos at E3 as all of what you are unsure about has been known for weeks (even before E3).

It was a pandemic, the Cordyceps fungus, that wiped people out. The gameplay demo is set in Pittsburgh (same location as the two previous trailers), in fact it is in the *same hotel* as the original trailer (ok, that's never been revealed before now). Joel agreed to take Ellie out of the quarrantine zone and across America on a promise to a friend who died.

The survivors you encounter in the demo are "hunters", known to kill "tourists" like Joel and Ellie without a second thought, just to get more supplies. Joel and Ellie have to get past them to continue on their way to the bridge to get out of town. That sets the scene for the killing spree shown in the demo but as you said you can use stealth; you can sneak through without a single shot being fired.

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hopr this game will be released on jan2013

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They're hooking up.

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what's up with your hands, girl?

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@RaveNRolla Haha agreed so annoying. Glad we can hear these idiots speculate while GS passes it off as new footage in the home page.

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Can't wait much longer for this game ^^ hope is coming soon.

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No new footage. Thanks for raising my hopes gamespot. (laughts)

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Next new footage will be at Comic-Con next Friday.

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you have issues.

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this sounds and looks awesome, but i hope they handle death in a wayyyy more mature way than they did in uncharted. That was a super fun series, but at no point do they address how the character is basically a mass murderer by the end of the series. You kill so many people with out batting an eye. This game looks very grim and looks to take itself much more seriously, i hope they don't contradict themselves with their writing. This has so much potential...

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You make an extremely good point. Nathan Drake: Mass murderer explorer extraordanaire

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i dont want to sound sad or anything but as soon as i saw this game i had to have it just the i am ledgend idea of it all and the emotions that the player must feel playing the game it all looks almost to good to be true me as a player i like a good story and a story that can put me in the characters shoes and playing feeling different emotions but i will be getting a ps3 quite soon not just for this i will be playing naughty dogs uncharnted and others soo yeah good job naughty dog keep all your good work up ill be playing your game with a :) when it comes out soon , Thanks !

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The game looks okay, but i'm fairly convinced it will be a very linear and set-piece oriented game, that I will only play once and be done with it. Much like Uncharted 3, that's a negative for me.

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The Last of Us is "wide linear" meaning that there is a linear story and generally linear level design (as opposed to sandbox open world) but you can navigate through with much more freedom than in the Uncharted series. There are multiple paths through scenes and you have the choice, as in the gameplay demo shown, to go in shooting, draw the enemy to you and take them out, or sneak past and avoid conflict. The limited ammo and other supplied, persistent health, and real-time crafting system create an intensity that often drives your decisions.

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@pasofreak Actually from what we know about the game so far it will be nothing like that, i don't know were is that "fairly convinced" coming from exactly !!!?

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Uh what? you're dumb no one is forcing you to buy it. This shit is GOTY 2012. @pasofreak

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@pasofreak The Uncharted series, and The Last of Us (from what I've seen so far), is all about pacing. Sure there are games with gameplay stuff, but let's face it. Uncharted as a shooter wasn't anything special. It looked really pretty, but so what? Uncharted shined because it made people care about the characters and their struggles. The action grew and fell like a great Indiana Jones flick.

You can't have that sort of pacing without a somewhat linear path and set-piece moments. It's the only way it can work.

Sure, we have Skyrim and other RPGs for open world exploration, and that's great too. But sometimes, when I find myself stuck in some field and I can't quick travel and I have to trudge a long for 20 + minutes... well that can be boring.

I never have to worry about that when I play a Naughty Dog game. I'm not saying its better... just different. And damn if it doesn't work well.

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@hoossy1 Exactly. It's that they can take what's basically a linear set piece game designed around pacing and make it work so well that keeps me coming back. You don't hear people complaining that their favorite movies didn't change with a second viewing so I don't understand this idea that some people put forth that games have to be completely dynamic or they're not worthwhile.

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@endorbr @hoossy1 From what I've seen concerning the AI in the game, it seems to be some of the most advanced in the industry. I think this will lead to fairly nonlinear combat strategies and will allow for some replay value. Naughty Dog makes good games with incredible polish and production value. This game will be no different and I'm looking forward to it.

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i didn't want a game this much from a long time, it looks EPIC :)

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The artificial intelligence in this game is being blown way out of proportion. Joel clearly has limited ammo. When his chamber is empty and the enemy hears the "click" that is basically a trigger for Ellie to throw the brick which she picked up earlier in the video. Nothing more than a trigger much like every other game out there, not that it isn't done well, I'm just not going to be fooled like these noobs are when people say things like "dynamic AI". Ya, uh hu,we've heard that one before.

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It is more dynamic than in most games. Enemies "see" or hear you (no through-walls onslaught when you're hidden like some other games, Uncharted included).

A "balance of power" system is also used. Enemy behave differently depending on what weapons they have and what weapons they know you have (and not knowing if you have bullets for example, as demonstrated) and depending on how many of them there are.

A lone guy with a plank won't attack head-on if you have a gun (but might try to flank or surprise you) but a group with mixed weapons will if you only have a bow. An enemy is more likely to flee if you've successfully killed others in his group.

As for Ellie her AI is constantly evaluating the environment, sticking with you, looking (and listening) for enemy, locations to hide, items to use as weapons (guns included), tries to flank the enemy or hide so that if your (Joel) attack or defense doesn't pan out she can attack, or distract to open up a new opportunity.

There is always an element of weighting and scripting involved. Ellie and the other survivors, hunters and clickers aren't real people, but they behave more realistic than in most previous games.

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i am entirely too tired of being seen through walls and heard while not moving a muscle or taking a breath. hopefully intelligent people can make intelligent a.i., we have only been waiting for this since for forever it seems.

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@gpm23 Sorry, but what you described there IS Dynamic AI, how do you expect any AI to work without triggers exactly !!!!? .. the difference between this game and other games is that this scene isn't pre-scripted to happen the exact same way every time you play that sequence .. if you have enough ammo in that situation non of that would have happened, and if there was no brick in the room Ellie would have reacted differently 9ran to hide or waited until you started fist-cuffs with him so she can stab him in the back like she did later in the demo) .. simply changing the location or the environment changes how the AI reacts .. if that's not dynamic i don't know what is.Besides, name two or three games where enemies AI (or allied AI) actually bother to react differently when you run out of ammo in the middle of a gun fight .. sorry but your comment comes off as pretentious to me (no offense really).

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@gpm23 You know they set all that stuff up for the press conference right? LIke they planned those things to happen so that we could all get a good idea that we should expect the unexpected....From what I've heard/read, the actual game will be 'dynamic', whatever that means, and that these 'triggers', aren't going to just be repeated actions that might happen in every scenario.

Obviously Naughty Dog wanted to be able to pack in a lot of awesomeness in only a few minutes... so these 'triggers' had to be put in place....

just sayin'.... I'm excited.

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@hoossy1 Actually i heard reports from people who played the demo first hand in E3, it played differently every time they played .. depending on your location, the items with you or nearby (i.e the brick) things will play out differently ... it's wasn't scripted.http://www.gamepodunk.com/page/index.html/_/industry-news/sony/e3-2012-naughty-dog-claims-the-last-of-us-demo-was-not-scripted-r806

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Something fishy going on here. Watched this weeks ago.

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Will it be open world?

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@The-Neon-Seal No

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Fooled by the title... Lame

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@XCyberForceX Just a little question... do you own a xbox360?

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*Sigh*Don't make me buy a PS3...

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@3nd_Of_The_Lin3 and then you will rejoice in the library of games... or you will come to the realization that separate always means inequal.

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@3nd_Of_The_Lin3 If you want to play this you'll be buying a PS3.

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wait i thought there is only one demo and its the one who everybody saw at E3 , whats the other demo?

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@Anstark The other demo was only shown behind closed doors at E3.

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