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9 Secret Apex Legends Tips That Will Make You A Better Player

Want to become an Apex Champion? We got you covered with these simple but important tips that you can use to help you win at Apex Legends.

Apex Legends does a decent job of explaining some of the thoughtful changes and additions it makes to the battle royale formula to new players. Its short tutorial gives a quick rundown of the ping system, tells how abilities work for the game's different characters, and shows how each gun in the game handles. But there's still a whole lot the game doesn't tell you about how it works and what you can do in Apex Legends--things that, if you know about them, can make you a significantly better player. Check out the video above for nine such tips that can help you achieve legendary status in Apex Legends, or check out the text version of the guide for more details.

We've got plenty more Apex Legends coverage to help you improve your play, as well. Use our guides to help you find the best guns in the game and learn things you should know about the Legends. Oh, and while you're at it, check out our full Apex Legends review.

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Common sense.

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Improved your play? Come on now. The birdbox challenge is OLD

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Spell check your title please.