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8 More Advanced Tips To Fight Automatons In Helldivers 2

Automatons set a trap and as players fight harder and harder units on the way to Cyberstan, they'll need more advanced tactics.

Players recently thought they had pushed one of the main factions from Helldivers 2 off the map, only to discover it was a trap. Automatons are back and fighting harder than ever with heavy units like Devestators and Hulks, as well as new, even tougher units like Gunships and Factory Striders. In this video, we’ve rounded up more advanced tips to consider for experienced players and to help new players overcome the barrier to entry in fighting Automatons, who are essentially Terminators. We’ll cover tips like why you should always shoot down Dropships, and how to fire three rockets extremely fast with the Quasar Cannon and Expendable Anti-Tank launcher. We’ll show you how to stop a charging Scorcher Hulk in its tracks using a stun lock loadout consisting of the EMS Mortar, Stun Grenades, and the Anti-Materiel Rifle. We’ll also show you how to avoid getting sniped by Cannon Towers and then cover the weak spots that the community has found on the new Factory Strider. Helldivers 2 is out now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC