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7 Things You Should Know In Madden 23

Madden 23 is here and is similar to the Madden's of old, however there are some distinct changes such as new seasons and battle passes.

Here are 7 tips for new and returning players alike that are brushing the dust off their Madden skills and are ready to drop a few deep ball's to their favorite wide receiver.

Madden NFL 23 pays homage to the late great John Madden with another year of the core gameplay that has kept Madden fans coming back year after year. In this video we take a look at several important tips you should know particularly if you are new to the franchise, or took a hiatus for a few years.

In this video we break down Skill Based Passing and Ultimate Team. We also help you decide if hopping into MUT is the right choice for you. There are also valuable tips such as setting up chunk plays on spectacular passes after establishing the run, as well as a refresher on the differences of game modes like competitive vs. simulation.

If you want more Madden 23 be sure to check out our livestream on our YouTube channel – it’s up right now and is a lot of fun. Also keep an eye out for our official review coming soon. Sound off in the comments how you feel about Madden 23 and what you’re hoping to see with each season.