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7 Mind-Bending Christopher Nolan Movies To Watch While Waiting For Tenet

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet has been delayed again due to the pandemic. Here are 7 Christopher Nolan movies to watch while you wait for Tenet.

Christopher Nolan's upcoming film Tenet has been delayed yet again. Given that most movie theaters are still closed, this shouldn't come as much of a surprise. The latest news is that Tenet will debut internationally starting August 26, and will open in select cities in the US on September 3.

Originally, Tenet was supposed to hit theaters on July 17. However, it was delayed until July 31, before then being pushed to August 12, as it is seemingly trying to give New Mutants some competition for most scheduled release dates.

So what's a Christopher Nolan fan to do when they were expecting to watch a new movie from the director and try to figure out what it means? What better time to dip back into his filmography and, instead, finally get to the bottom of his long list of movies like 1998's Following or his war film Dunkirk. Chances are you've seen his Batman trilogy far too many times to count at this point, so don't concern yourself with those.

Here are the Christopher Nolan movies to binge while you wait for whenever you're actually going to get to see Tenet.