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wheres FFversusXIII? .. oh wait... yeahh, its out, feels soooo weird..

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Dead Island 2 was my biggest disapointment in it's gone missing. Yager dev studios is making DREADNOUGHT, which, to be honest, is just another take on the multiplayer and massive ship battles. While it looks mighty pretty I was REALLY hoping YAGER would knock another game out of the park. Especially since they made the mostly excellent Spec Ops: The Line. Now, saying that, I truly think the reason they got Dead Island 2 taken from them is because they probably tried to make it a more personal story. Think more along the lines of Dying Light. Honestly, with Spec Ops: The Line being so memorable and such a great morally grey story I'm a little disheartened to see Yager making a game that has so little to do with their past great work.

However, seeing as Dead Island 2 does have a decent pedigree already I'm excited to see someone do some justice to it. I'm not sure that Sumo Digital creators have it in them to make this kind of game, but, we'll see. By now the game has to have a solid framework with what Yager worked on at least. Supposedly, the word in the pipeline was that Dead Island 2 was going to have a broader scope, more RPGish-ness to it and much better "quests" than the first game and its expansion. While the first Dead Island games were fun and a blast in co-op, they suffered horribly because of their fetch quest design and a boring end game.

Gabe Newell just did a Reddit last week and, basically, said there's never going to be a Half Life 3. From what I gathered upon reading the Reddit was that he's kind of mental over the "mistakes" they made during Half Life 2 and 2.1 and 2.2. Seriously, like out of his head mental. Sure, developers may make mistakes but to let those mistakes eat at you and deny millions of people a conclusion to a world, a game, they PROMISED us, just makes it all that more bitter. He did say they are still making games and that there's promise for a new IP. However, I don't believe we'll ever see Half Life 3 while Gabe is still alive and that SUCKS. What REALLY BLOWS is that Valve is FLUSH with money. Like, billions and they could EASILY make such spectacular games now. While I fully appreciate what Steam is and offers, Steam is NOT a game and while I enjoy my games on their digital platform I'd rather have to go buy boxes with discs in them again than be denied a truly marvelous Valve game.

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Cyberpunk 2077 hasn't gone missing. CD Projekt Red is working diligently on it right now. They already said we'd see something come summer 2017. Fingers crossed!

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Half life 3 will never be released.
1. Because it would never live up to the hype.
2 Because Valve no longer makes games.

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MS has already stated they are releasing a Phantom Dust remaster this year, that's the 2017 release. The reboot is on an indefinite "hold".

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WTB Dark Cloud 3.

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I, for one, would rather have this as an article than a video.

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What the hack? You guys all know that Street Fighter X Tekken is out right? How the hell does everyone misses this fact??

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@hikaru003: Yeah? And this was about tekken x street fighter. 2 very different games.

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@remoticons: Looked it up, yeah I kinda mixed things up. But on a serious note, why? Why isn't these are the same?

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@hikaru003: @hikaru003: Tekken X Streetfighter and Streetfighter X Tekken were both announced at the same time. Capcom released Streetfighter X Tekken in 2012. Namco was developing Tekken X Streetfighter which was supposed to be basically a Tekken game running on the Tekken engine featuring Streetfighter and Tekken characters. Akuma is in Tekken 7 BTW.

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@el_swanno: thank you, that clears it up

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@hikaru003: You're welcome. Tekken was my game of choice for nearly 20 years and I had huge hopes for a Tekken-based Streetfighter game. It seems unlikely to happen now unless Tekken 7 is a huge hit on consoles.

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Dead Island 2 had a developer change and I'd suspect that the rerelease of the first two on current gen consoles might be a good sign that its still moving along.

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I feel like Rise of Incarnates should be mentioned. It was a big deal at the time, marking Bandai Namco Studios' first PC game, though this title was retroactively taken by Tales of Zestiria after RoI's shutdown.

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I'd wager we hear something about Cyberpunk 2077 this year at E3. It won't be out this year, or next year more likely than not. But we'll at least hear something.

I wouldn't expect any more games from Valve. They've figured out they can make more money selling other people's games than making their own.

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I'd love to start seeing text summaries of the videos below the video player.

I didn't care too much about any of these games, except HL3, and that's SO 10 years ago.

The only game I recall really wondering about was Sadness for the Wii, it looked dark and interesting, but never materialized.

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I concur on text summaries. This is needed.

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CD Projekt RED specifically said we wouldn't hear any more about CyberPunk 2077 until 2017.

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Because apparently video only articles are cool and hip, here's the games mentioned:

- Cyberpunk 2077
- Phantom Dust
- Allison Road
- Tekken X Street Fighter
- Dead Island 2
- Battlecry
- Half Life 3

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@H0RSE: thank you. It would've taken them all of 30 seconds to lay that out beneath the video but they don't for some reason.

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I should ask Gamespot for compensation for doing their job.

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@H0RSE: Don't pretend to think that GameSpot has any decent journalism anymore.

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I was looking forward to play Cyberpunk.

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Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age announced by Crytek, is a four-player co-op shooter...

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@Lightlaw: Yes. This...

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Borderlands and Cyberpunk are hardly missing, just in development

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Hell Raid was another Techland game I was looking for ward to.

Also, where's Deep Down?

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i thought dead island 2 was canceled i was hoping it was until i played riptide and now that ive beaten riptide its left to many unanswered questions needs to come out. also you know damn well half life 3 isnt going to be a thing

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@DemoKnight10656: At this point, they'd have to rerelease the first two and all its content for HL3 to be relevant to gamers these days.

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How about Deep Down?

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@ChazPrime: I had high hopes for Deep Down but now the whole Dark Souls thing has peaked would it even be relevant anymore? Wasn't there a playable beta in Asia a couple of years ago?

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@ChazPrime: I was gonna comment the same thing.

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i didnt watch the video but i would almost put Tekken 7 on this list if its not already there.

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What's with all the video only now? Does nobody want to actually write a story now?

I'll pass on the video.

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@charlieholmes: It's the new thing for this year: Gamespot Universe. Expect lots of fluffy videos.

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Ugh. I'm not going to watch a video. Can't believe people prefer this medium.

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@Ohaidere: There's also a written version! http://www.gamespot.com/gallery/games-gone-missing-2017-edition-where-are-these-ga/2900-1072/

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@kallie: Thanks. I refuse to watch videos on this site.

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HL3 will never come out