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6 Things The GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition NEEDS To Fix

Grand Theft Auto’s Definitive Trilogy collection has had a bumpy start into the next generation of gaming. Here’s our list of issues that could use some love to make the experience as smooth and as fun as it was more than a decade ago.

Grand Theft Auto's Definitive Trilogy collection has had a bit of a bumpy start. It's suffering from graphical, audio and gameplay issues across all three titles. In this video Richie Bracamonte breaks down six things Rockstar and Grove Street Games can do to help makes these games as awesome as we remember them. (And more!)

Most of the definitive editions issues seemed to be overlooked as the trilogy transitioned into the Unreal engine. This include old transparency effects, terrifying character models and lighting effects. Other issues didn't occur before, such as de-synched audio, music tracks skipping and problems with aiming, including a glitchy animation for Tommy Verceti when crouched. The exaggerated rain effect has also made it hard to drive, especially in first-person view. While there appear to big little in the way of game-breaking issues, small upgrades can be made to enhance the general quality of life and gameplay experience. The modding community has already begun making changes, but also have been dealing with Rockstar and Take-Two studios every step of the way.

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