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6 Creepy Horror Games Made In Dreams

P.T. Second Floor, Dead Space, and A Haunted Mansion scary us silly as we play through some of the most bizarre and nightmarish Dreams creations we can find.

Media Molecule's long-awaited PlayStation 4 exclusive Dreams is finally here. Dreams is more than a game, however, as it's really a game and a game-making tool. Creators have already built some amazing things with Dreams, and this includes some creepy and bizarre horror games.

In a new video, Jess and Eddie head to the Dreamerverse and pick out a handful of spooky games to test out. These are some of the scariest games we could find, and they really deliver the chills. We may or may not shriek and gasp a few times as we make our way through a fan-made P.T. follow-up of sorts, as well as an unsettling game themed around purgatory that has a surprise ending. Check out the full video to see all the games we tried out. The names of the levels and content creators can also be found in the video if you want to try them yourself.

Dreams scored a 9/10 in GameSpot's review. We called it a creative and technical marvel. "It's a stunning achievement that encourages limitless creative expression, a place where people can come together, collaborate, and explore each other's imaginations," reviewer Richard Wakeling said. "It's a tool for the fools who dream, and one of the most innovative releases in years."