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I hope they will add some social options...

I want to have easier way to communicate with people than voice chat or some static commands.

Things like In game text chat, sending friend invites after a match, hell maybe even a way to form a clan? I know it wont happen but one can hope.

But in either case the thing i hope for the must is that it wont be ditched as fast as DA:I MP did.

I really liked that one but they put so little extra MP content after launch : /

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Divinity Original Sin and the Diablo series pulled off mp just fine but i hated me3 mp if i wanted to play a horde mode id play gears of war. I most likely will skip the game biowares rpg games have been so lacking the last few entries due to taking more of a streamline approach to development. Hopefully divinity 2 hit consoles or maybe ill just build a updated gaming pc by then..

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Am I the only one around here that couldn't care less about multiplayer?

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Looking forward to the MP liked ME3s

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If there is no coop campaign then I am done with this. Another bitter wave on a sea of constant disappointment, for a fan of co-op 3rd person PvE action, not using a crappy RPG controls.

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@kyphe: Ghost Recon: Wildlands

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id like to have allll my abilites in multiplayer instead of having to make sacrifices. we could have a the 3 powers but with more depth

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I really hope they don't mess up one of my favorite single player experience in this game for all this new multiplayer crap how many can we just have a great single-player experience

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It was cool in ME3, but much like with the rest of the game the problem was that in the end it was just numbers. After grinding and grinding and grinding the result was that Galactic readiness grew for a while

I liked the idea of strike teams helping the war effort around galaxy, but it ended up being pretty tacky after the first couple of battles. It would also be cool if the maps were a bit less "Why do we need to conquer this same exact power plant 150 times?" and more "So there's a never-ending struggle over the dominance of this vital city"

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Definitely coop mode! I'd love to have the option of going with a party of 3 or 4 through the story missions.

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Re: mode 1. Since you're locked into rolling a human male or female for the single player campaign, wouldn't that ultimately just mean that you're losing some of the diversity (both genetic and tactical)?

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What I want for the game MP wise...

1) I want more COOP modes, I don't just want to survive waves of ennemies. I want more diversity or it gets redundant after a while, even if the MP is fun. Perhaps even open world modes re using the campaign regions/maps offering longer (but not persistant) fights.

2) Special classes. What I want is more cross compatible classes.

They'd have to redo them for MP but I want to know if a player takes "that class" our team just got a tank (for exemple) that can really soak up damage in the front while I can deal damage from the back. In ME3 we could basically all do our stuff in our corner of the map, occasionally helping each other, even in hard modes. That's because there wasn't really any real specialisation in those classes. I'd like to see more cooperation in those COOP modes so for that classes have to do one thing and do it very well.

3) I didn't like the randomness of the loot. Even having you pay to get the loot crates (or whatever it was called) just to get a random item felt wrong. If they do need this (for moneraty reasons), they need two stores.

One where you can actually choose what to buy with in game money, this would be for items and armors.

And one where you can either spend IG money or real money for a random loot crate that would give you skins and races randomly (or any other personalisation item).

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Do RPG's really need multiplayer if the single player is any good? I'm not buying any RPG that single player content suffers for having multiplayer tacked on. Resources would have been better spent on more content for the single player. To add insult to injury they'll probably milk their fan base with DLC ripped right from development along side the single player. I'm two steps from bailing on modern gaming. If it weren't for a select few games I like I would have quit a long time ago.

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@jdc6305: this is true for many games. but not mass effect. ME3 multiplayer was great and only got beter for it. i would buy the game just for multiplayer

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@leonA0: I haven't played Mass Effect because of the controversy surrounding what they did with part 3. Burn me once shame on you burn me twice shame on me. I don't forgive and forget when greedy corporations screw me over. I bought Mass Effect 3 and never opened it. It's still sitting on my shelf. I didn't want to get invested in a series if they were going to burn me.

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@jdc6305: i can respect that . but honestly people were over reacting over the ending. its not that good yeah but its nothing to rage about that bad. specialy because SPOILERS.

HE can live in 1 of the endings

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@jdc6305: Well when games are MP only - plenty of people come out and slate it for not having an SP - no reason it shouldn't work the other way around ! That being said I am sure they will be able to deliver both !

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This article is about 3 years too late. The game is pretty much finished.

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I find it really upsetting that they have not showed any multiplayer or that much of the game period. This doesn't build hype. If anything the lack of information makes people think that they are hiding something or the game is just not that good. I am extremely worried about this game and feel a little jerked around by EA

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@Legend_of_Link: hype has been a bad thing latly. the hype = MS or sony paying webpages for constant advertisment making it look beter then it is. no mans sky was that. people complain about the game but if they used their head for a second they would think a couple of things for the game sucking.

1- its a indie game meaning limited resources lower then your avarage game.

2- the world was huge.... stupidly huge.....so ofc it would have impacts in the quality of the worlds... its obvious.

3- a indie game being the price of a triple A game

but no...... they fell for the hype train of websites saying how amazing it was.

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@Legend_of_Link: Lack of hype is a good thing actually. Do you not remember No Man's Sky, which was the epitome of a runaway hype train? Let the game stand on its own and stop wishing for hype.

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@Legend_of_Link: I'm fine without hype. It breaks the recent trend. Show so much and then build these undeliverable expectations and then get panned. I don't think BioWare is worried about the quality or quantity of the game, they know they will make money over time once the game receives feedback upon release. They are letting the game speak for itself which is a nice breath of fresh air considering the ludacris hype and lies that UbiSoft have been spreading about their mediocre games in last few years.

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They are letting "the game speak for itself?" Considering we haven't seen ANYTHING of the real game, ONLY HYPE how can you say that?

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@sdzald: erm...the game isn't out yet, I think you missed the context of my phrase. They are going to let the game speak for itself once it is out. The kind of hype that exists for the game isn't their fault because they didn't contribute towards it with flashy false gameplay videos (e.g. AC Unity, The Division, Destiny, No Man's Sky). The hype exists because ME is a highly succesful series with lots of anticipation for the next one amongst the community.

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@crusaderprophet: I am not saying that I think the game is going to be bad. I am saying that I wish they would show more of the game so we could get a better idea of what it is like to play.

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@Legend_of_Link: i think what you would want more is a demo. gameplay wise you have probably seen all there is too see.
dodge system. wepon system
class change system. took at look at some skills
saw the menus. saw the caracters. saw the dialog system.
saw the enviroment and a glimpse of the story.

saw exploration and jet packs. saw armor custumization.

saw the car and the ship.

what more do you want to see???

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@Legend_of_Link: They have had three gameplay videos so far. I think that's enough to gauge the type of gameplay we should expect.

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I'm not interested in the MP anyway - probably won't even touch it. ME is all about the single player experience.

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@northArrow: ME3 multiplayer was the most fun co op i had in a game in years. i recomend it. so you should at least try it

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@northArrow: Correction... Used to be... Since ME3 arrival things changed.

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It's kind of weird to be genuinely excited for the multiplayer function of an RPG game... but ME3 was a blast. Looking so much forward to this.. Are people still actually playing ME3 multiplayer around here?

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@p1p3dream: me its still pretty active

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This video is AWFUL. 5 ways to make ME:A MP great = "Do the same stuff you did in ME3 MP" WutFace. Like if I had to pick the video that was sponsored by EA, it'd be this one. Disliked! Oh wait there is no down thumb button here!

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I'm sorry, but this is such an unimaginative list. It's basically "Bring all the ME3 multiplayer feature back". There are so many interesting things that could be suggested, like new play modes (you can't play horde mode forever), meta-PvP (players fight for different "factions" in the game, which in turn affects single-player campaign), more customization options at least! ME3 multiplayer was great, but developers should build on that, not copy.

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All good theories. I think so long as they just refine ME3 multiplayer to a new height, it should be great regardless. However, adding in missions or strike modes kind of lie Destiny or Dragon Age Inquisiton would also be a fun new coop mode to add to it. Either way, I expect good things from their Multiplayer anyways.

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might be a little more interested this time around... ME3 I played just the campaign til the end, got a bad ending cuz well they sucked at the time and then put the game up on the shelf and never played the multiplayer til just recently for another playthrough

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Make it great again?

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#6 new vehicle why not mp mission with it? or races?

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They want to make mp great? Get rid of the crappy rng loot system and replace it with points unlock system instead. Grinding for an hour just to get the same stuff gets old fast.

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@siarhei: I agree that RNG is frustrating and infuriating, I also think pure xp/point based loot reduces the longevity, incentive and longing for players to come back and play once they have got everything they wanted. However, in an ideal game a player would want to come back and play because it is a pure fun game and does not get boring even if they have all the rewards they can get. But that is very difficult to design unless there is a constant content drop from the studio which pushes it into a different genre of game. I think the loot system for a game like Mass Effect should be a balance between the two enhanced by a solid fun addicting gameplay.

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@crusaderprophet: As I recall ME3 mp kept getting new content for a while. If it wasn't for Rng that would motivate me to come back to it. At least if they offered rng packs for certain categories, like pvz.

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The thing i want the most is a much deeper customization. The skill trees were too simplistic.

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1. Multiple races: Confirmed. [Pre-order video]
2. Different classes: Confirmed. (same video)
3. Great loot. Hope so, 'reward' link to single player is confirmed (Strike Team).
4. Character transference. Maybe, but it's a stretch.
5. Seamless integration has been implied but separate access to SP & MP is certain.

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