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Even though CD Projekt RED haven’t released official modding tools for The Witcher 3 yet, here are a bunch you should still definitely install.

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I want a mod where you can dress as Batman. In fact, I want that mod for every game.

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@sebbysebbseb: I think you need a mod that helps you with your masturbation addiction

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@Sutava: Ha that came from nowhere didn't it.

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I would like to see a mod that changes my horse "Roach" to something else maybe a stone troll, dire wolf, or a royal griffin (without flying just flapping of wings). Another mod that comes to my mind is a passive companion and who else would fit this criteria better than a topless succubus with a sexy conversation.

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Only thing I'd change is the darkness of nights. witcher 3 should have some very very dark nights.

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can't decide if she looks more like Ron Weasley or Hermoine

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I don't really like any of these mods, especially the sweetfx and reshade ones. I am happy with Vanilla TW3 especially since CDPR constantly add and patch the game.
Some weird SweetFX filters only make the game look worse or different, not like the old E3 trailer anyway.
I personally don't use SweetFX on my games since its just reduce performance, sharpens things too much, add too much bloom or color.
I rather stick to what the poet (game developers) intended.

However the one big downgrade that always pains me to see - are the clouds.
Yes.. those amazing roiling clouds from the E3 2013 trailer. They look amazing. The clouds have depth, volume, detail they look real and 3d-like.
But in TW3 clouds look shallow, flat, low res and lack any depth.
Take a look at the clouds from 0:35 onward, especially: 0:37 and the weather in the next footage. GOSH IT LOOKS AMAZING.

No amount of sweetfx can fix this.

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@GunEye: SweetFX is designed for you to modify. if you don't like the way it looks that is your fault for not editing the settings to your preference.

i don't know why so many personalized "SweetFX MODs" get uploaded. they act like these "MODs" are total graphic overhauls when all they do is add simple filters to the existing game files. it is all the same software with different user preferences applied, not modified game files. if you don't like the bloom, sharpening, added AA, etc of a certain user make your own with more natural settings. and i haven't noticed a performance impact when using SweetFX in years.

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crappy "mods"... I'll stick to modding TES, Fallout, GTA and L4D2 for now.

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@hoyholyhoy Bold!:

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Witcher 3 Cutscene Lighting mod should be an essential. Basically it does not cutback on the number of light sources and quality when you move from cutscene to gameplay.


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I can't wait for CD Projekt to release the Redkit engine 3 for Witcher 3, then modding will REALLY start.

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Now I would have preferred an article instead of a video, but seeing Vegeta say "It's over 9000!" just made it so WORTH IT.

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Im playing with a XP multiplier that you can edit, so far im running with 2X xp from Quests and kills ^^

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So, I'm not a good person because I cheated: in a single-player game. Thanks for that.

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lmao its over 9000!!!!!! love it.

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Rawrrr.... I fancy that Jess.....

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NSFW Mods always the best. And consoles gaming for kiddies will never have this

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@archav3n: you fap to pixels?

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@archav3n what do you mean by that ??

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@sasuke7488: that he's a raging virgin, mostly.

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@nazgoroth: lol

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Why a video? Balls

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@jwsoul: +1

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Yennifer vs. Trish naked mud wrestling mod. Female charters deserve the spotlight.

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@SingletreeAve: yes, but...for feminism. Yes, it would be for feminism. A good cause.

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Lydia-style. Nice. :)

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What this game is missing is an explosive chicken mod. Somebody needs to make that happen, pronto!

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Maybe. But then it ought to be explosive geese instead of chickens.
And they should start glowing red before going boom.

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@ahpuck: ugg, plz no...

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I like the weather mod. I love rain and thunderstorms in general, even more in a game.

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@afmsasmth: Man, when you catch one of those sunsets just as the rain is clearing, that's, without doubt, the best weather effect I've ever seen in a game.

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Would like to see a mod to change the Emperor Palpatine look Geralt has, maybe a just for men potion.

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@Suikogaiden Changing Geralt's beautiful silver grey lockes would be like giving David Cameron a faux hawk. :

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@Suikogaiden: No way man! He's a hero to old grey haired dudes everywhere!

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Did she mention the Ciri nude mod?

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Sadly that is probably the most downloaded mod.

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@Suikogaiden: What's so sad about it? Nude Geralt mod would wipe the floor with it, mark my words.

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Jess, you asked what mods I want to see for Witcher 3. Adults mods, please. If you do a must have list of adult mods, that would be great.

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