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Here are five famous vaporware games that were eventually released after years and years of development issues and delays.

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These games aren't infamous(hated/reviled), they're well-known(famous). Some are these games are loved- the opposite of infamous.

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Half Life 3.... CONFIRMED!


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@GreySeven: lol believe almost nothing on youtube

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Vapourware I'd like to see surface at last:

The Last Guardian This was announced as still being alive at E3 2015 but it has gone to ground again seemingly.

Half Life 2: Episode 3 Will it ever happen? Sometimes I think that this was just dangled in front of us to keep the name of Half Life in permanent conversation as such.

Red Dead 3 Okay, not strictly vapourware but we know that this will happen but the question is when? Rockstar are masters of keeping things secret somehow but I would be willing to bet that the next Red Dead will be in the making for this generation of gaming machines right now.

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@gotrekfabian: you mean red dead 2 right ? also only people talking about anything half life is us the devs aint saying shit.

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@deathblow3: No, Red Dead 3. The original was Red Dead Revolver.

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@gotrekfabian: and the 2nd one is called????

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@deathblow3: Red Dead Redemption!!!!

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@deathblow3: red dead redemption is a stand alone sequel to red dead revolver, for the original xbox. so that person is correct, red dead three. not that many people played the first. i loved it. so i think thats why its continually called red dead 2.

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@wreckrob: lol forgot about revolver yes it is the 2nd game technically. but they will most likely keep the redemption name or got with another moniker. it'll be cool if the keep it with and a (R) like red dead revolution or something.

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@wreckrob: Damn, you beat me to it. I'm amazed that so few know of Revolver but are enamoured with Redemption.

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@gotrekfabian: no i remember it i just for got about it.

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@deathblow3: No worries. I wasn't being picky BTW just stating fact.

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All first person shooters in this list. Nothing wrong with that, but it struck me as interesting.

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@drumjod: Fallout 3 isn't really a first person shooter. It has FPS elements, but it's an open world RPG first and foremost.

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I got a good Gist idea. top 5 games to play if you were stranded on an island:)

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I am surprised that Diablo 3 wasn't one of these games.

It's development from Blizzard North started in the end of 2000...

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Stalker franchise! I love it... It's the best single-player FPS game all time!

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From that list, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl is definitely my favorite. I found it at Talize for around 3 bucks.
I'll be honest though, getting it patched was nothing short of a nightmare, but it was wroth it in the end.

Now I've acquired the game from GOG though.

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I really want STALKER 2.................

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man, I remember following Black Mesa when it was first announced in the GameSpot group, HeadCrab Union. Nostalgia much

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Someday Half-Life 3 will make the list.......someday

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my favorite is Fallout 3 , Fallout 4 i don't know it is not that "great"

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@PCsama: 4 has great idea's that are not completely fleshed out. on pc a few mods make it great the limitless build mod and the vault mod that came out recently just to name a few. the story weeeelllll that something else.

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@deathblow3: agree the story endings were nothing, actually i tried them all

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Fallout 3......

I scoffed at it for months before becoming bored one day and looking for a new....good RPG to play and gave it a shot and was like OMFG this it the best thing ever.....I expected a 1 week experience and ended up on it for a year....

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@darthrevenx: Also Fallout3. I had never played an RPG before (ridiculous eh?) and only asked for Fallout3 for Christmas because, going by the clips and screenshots, it looked like a shooter. Booted it up and thought, "eh? AP and HP?? What the...? Oh bugger - this is an RPG!!" Gave it a shot anyway. Played 160 hours on first playthrough, 140 on 2nd and 100 on third before I finally stopped. It's the greatest game I've ever played on any platform (and I remember the Sega Megadrive!). Proper adventure gaming. Fallout 4 is also great and I'm about 110 hours into that one, but it didn't blow me away like FO3 did.

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@darthrevenx: Dude I was the same way. I was all "Pfft! They made the classic franchise into a FPS? You jest!"

Ended up being the game that convinced me games are an art form. And one I still find myself thinking about despite playing lordy knows how many games since.

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@darthrevenx: That's exactly how I felt when I first tried Skyrim. I ended up putting over 100 hours into that game.

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@youngjdet: A 100? try a 1000 for me =D