4 Halo Games Come To Xbox One; Free Games For A Limited Time! - GS News

Square Enix reveal more details about new survival shooter Left Alive, and find out what games you can pick up for free from Humble Bundle!

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Bungie and Microsoft are on crack for not bringing the last 3 Halos to PC.

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@Dark_Matters: WHy? That's just how console exclusives have been for a little over thirty years now. Personally, as an Xbox enthusiast I think it is a good idea for them to bring the game out on PC. Most PC gamers will not buy a console and most console gamers will not buy a gaming PC so it will only make MS money without losing any or very little of its console gamers... but it doesn't mean they were on crack or stupid for not doing more of it sooner. If anything having these games only for console helped MS grow their console and overall brand to one with global recognition. Regardless, at this point in time it is a good choice on part of MS to bring their games to a market where 90% has no desire to purchase a console. Crossplay will be even better.

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@dancrowd lol, nailed it !!!

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4 halo square enix games on Xbox, say what? And they're free too for a limited time noo.

(It's halo you dumb person not square enix) not you again, please go away I'm reading a article on sqaure enix releasing free games on xbox.(look stupid RPG do not exist on Xbox, only halo that's it.)omg who are you, you did this before but why now why not when I woke up.

Hello!! Oh forget it.