4 Games We Loved at PAX East 2015

We played a lot of great games at PAX East this year, here are four of our favorite indie titles from the show floor; RIVE, Jotun, Severed and Twelve Minutes.

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    Twelve minutes does look cool

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    Joten looks pretty cool, I like the animation of that boss a lot in particular. Twelve Minutes sounds like a pretty cool concept, I'm kind of interested now.

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    Wow those games are great indie has come a very long way from cheap mobile games to great games people want to play and it all thanks to kickstarter. I can't wait for the 2015 game for big companies and indies.

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    aww i missed Gamespot at PAX, i was looking out for you guys too, was a great time though.

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    Severed for kinect plz

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    awesome games.