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‘Cops and robbers’ games are nothing new, so whether you’re waiting to play Battlefield: Hardline or happy to pass on it, here are some great alternatives.

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Come to think of it, i wouldn't mind a Kane and Lynch 3 with Multiplayer... the mp on the 1st one was awesome :)

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How could they not include Kane & Lynch Dead Men... esp the Multiplayer part of it. Almost paved the way for games like Payday.

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How do I get her job?

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Why not have a downvote button too?

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@Ripper_TV: So it can be like reddit where helpful posts get downvoted and re-posts get upvoted? No thanks....

Why would you want to downvote a video about other cop games available though?

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@bu1ld0g@Ripper_TV: If votes don't affect sorting, no one will really care anyway.

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thank you Jess for the news

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@mysterios29: really does it bother you that much you had to make a comment ?? really what a dick. none of the male ones are good looking are they and she's good at her job. just because she's not to you taste just go to another gamming site douche

really are you any better looking haha

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SWAT 4 reamins to this day one of the most fun games I've played co-operatively with friends.

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@Dilandau88: whichever company decides to make swat 5 will win.

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So, is Doorkickers better than Breach & Clear? Because I've been looking at both and have to stop just binge buying games.

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@crunchb3rry: Definitely Doorkickers. Haven't played breach and clear but door kickers is quite a nice simple game. And if you keep going, you'll be in for some challenges.

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Was watching actual gameplay over the weekend and gotta admit the BF hardlines maps were terrible design wise but least the weapon sfx sounded decent unlike cod ghosts weapon sfx were.

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hmmm i guess i don't play cops vs robbers games, i have not play any of these or even heard of most of them. oh well another great show regardless jess XD

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@suppaphly42: If you download and use Steam, you'll see Payday 2 regularly in the store. It's discounted a lot.

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@Conscrumptured@suppaphly42: that would be one that i have at least heard of but i'm not all that interested in it

thanks anyway :)

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Why not BF : whopping Al Qeda and the Taliban's arse ! ? Finishing with Osama's assassination by the Navy Seals, now that would be a good sequel.

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Tried BF Hardline last year during that short 'beta' period (or whatever). Didn't like it (this coming from someone who still plays and has installed both BF 3 & 4).
Nothing really seems to set it apart from the other BF games. I agree w/ the sentiment that it feels more like a 'mod' of BF4 that anything else.
I might be willing to spend on maps/game modes from BFH if they were brought over to BF 4, tho'.

Nothing 'cops & robbers' really interesting me, at the moment, other than Rainbow Six: Siege. Hopefully that's more like the earlier R6 games (the original up to Raven Shield) than the more recent entries.

I would like more SWAT games, tho'. Esp. more like SWAT 2 (which had nice 'educational' info, like why you shouldn't deploy tear gas canisters indoor :D ).

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This video player is just horrible, whats wrong with gamespot, dont they make enough money to make a good one?

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I wish SWAT would make a comeback.....never got to play it but kinda did in R6 Vegas & Vegas 2......though that was CTU vs Terrorist......

really getting sick of playing the bad guy in games......everything it's almost always you're an outlaw, criminal, evil genius, goon, murderer, bank robber etc......a little originality please?

Hardline does look like it might be fun IDK though....

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Those might be COP games....but they are not Battlefield games....I for one, am glad that HARDLINE MP has a BF feel....personally, I thought it was a great game and look forward to playing it...tonight.

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@fastharrydotcom: A BF feel? What?

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@lorider25@fastharrydotcom: huh?

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loved swat 4

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I find the portrayal of police forces in the new Battlefield both hilarious and very disturbing...

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what a way to diss BF hardline right before launch GS!

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Monaco is a good one, though I guess that may be more of a robbers & security guards game.

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Wouldn't Counter-Strike count as a cops & robbers game? Aren't all criminals labeled as "terrorists" nowadays? ;D

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@rammsteinrig: Square-rectangle problem. While we might call the antagonists of BF:H terrorists (and maybe the cops too... did you see their arsenal?), we won't call terrorists robbers. Unless you count peace of mind as a plunder.

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watched this video for SWAT 4.

fingers crossed for a successor.

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