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Fire emblem awakening in my opinion, that game made me and so many others buy the 3ds system.

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ahhhh seriously hate 3ds for not being region free still no announcement for shin megami tensei 4 in eu =(

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Shin Megami Tensei IV?!!!!??? What the...

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sweet, Luigi's Mansion made the nominees despite Carolyn's off the wall review.

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I would personally have SMT IV and Phoenix Wright: DD over Luigi's Mansion. Just me though.

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I wish their was voice over on these.

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All great games, but this really isn't a contest. Zelda will win this hands down. I enjoyed Fire Emblem, but it wasn't as deep and strategic as I had expected. I guess a lot of the praise comes from the fan-service in the form of relationships. Good game, nonetheless.

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I would personally go with Fire Emblem, but I'm getting Zelda for X-mas and that might change things. Was Shin Megami Tensei IV this year? I'm also getting that one for X-mas.

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A Link Between Worlds, hands down.

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Out of those, I'd probably have to go with Fire Emblem: Awakening. Though honestly, Shin Megami Tensei IV was my most played 3DS game and the game I enjoyed the most overall this year.

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Fire Emblem Awakening was my personal favorite when it came to DS games this year, though I wouldn't mind it if Pokémon X/Y got it. Still I am hoping Fire Emblem gets it, a fan can only hope.

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For me personally it's Zelda. However, each of these games are great, they all have a good chance.

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Well, I'm betting on Fire Emblem Awakening because that game blew me away.

It made tons of people buy a 3DS just for it and it wasn't even from a franchise that was as popular as Pokémon.

Anyways, all of them are great games and deserve to win.

After all, the 3DS is doing simply fantastic!

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Zelda won't get this, mark my words.

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Zelda is definitely great, as is Pokemon X/Y, but Fire Emblem: Awakening was my favorite 3DS game this year, and in my top 3 games of the year overall. Seriously, it was superb.

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Fire Emblem is the best game on the 3DS, period. Pokémon and Zelda is just the same recycled game.

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Pokemon X & Y or The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds will get this.

Probably The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Wolrds

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How in the F**K did Luigi's Mansion get a 6.5 and why don't I remember that!? That's probably in my top ten for the year across all systems. Such a brilliant game.

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The only category where I could see every single nominee as a potential winner. Though it'll probably be Zelda or Animal Crossing.

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I am so happy I decided to pull the trigger on a 3DS last January, it has been a great year. Started off running through Ocarina of Time, then had Animal Crossing and Pokemon to play until a new Zelda and I haven't even played a fraction of the games available.

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Based on the love affair the industry is having with a Link Between Worlds this seems like a landslide. Not that it isn't deserved.

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I think Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem deserved a 9.

Either way, I'm fine with whichever game winning.

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zelda, pokemon was entertaining.

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No Shin Megami Tensei IV, no Etrian Odyssey IV?

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I wonder how much Tom McShea and his allies have to shout to have A Link Between Worlds fixed as a nominee instead of being included in the random seeding.

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Making me choose between Pokemon XY and Fire Emblem is just mean. I have to give the nod to Pokemon, though. It is a fantastic melding of new and old.

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3DS easily has the best set of games between all the systems in my opinion. So hard to choose. I think I might go with the latest outing on this one, Zelda.

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Zelda! I still need to play Fire Emblem

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Pokemon X/Y for me, although I'm expecting Bravely Default and Fire Emblem: Awakening to top that by a mile - for me at least anyway. Just need to get around to actually playing them. ;(

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All great nominees, though I haven't played Animal Crossing. My vote goes to Fire Emblem! There was no other game on the system that engrossed me so much.

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why was luigi mansion nominated wtf?

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Perhaps other staff thought it a great game.

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It's a good game. I'm more surprised (and reminded of) the score it got.

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Great year for 3DS. Zelda is my choice.

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Pokemon, Zelda, and Fire Emblem all competing in one category. This one's going to be difficult.

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