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Then. Why.

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Yes yes yes yes yes.

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I'm obsessed with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I like my marinara (it's a thang thang) just like I like my video games; addicting.

It's not a hard choice to choose my favorite game, especially with X/Y. (Oh my god, I actually got a shiny! *ash fangirl squeal*)

It's not hard to choose when Animal Crossing is beside Link or Zelda or Tingle or whatever name it may be. (was Zelda even IN a Link Between Worlds???)

Because I never liked Zelda games. Mostly because I suck at them.

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pokemon x,y is very good but zelda is amazing

such a hard choice lol

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Really tough choice here. I bought my 3DS for Pokemon Y. I had no life for the next 7 days as I racked up 50+ hours on it. I later got Fire Emblem and Zelda (My first time playing a game in either of those series.) I played Fire Emblem til I got stuck and have been too lazy to restart all over on an easier difficulty >_<

Zelda is a great game as well, but hasn't been able to steal my life away, thank goodness. =x

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played them all but awakening... well simply for me one of the best games ive played, story, mechanics, i really cared about how it was developing , its a game cartridge ill always keep

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It's going to be A link between worlds if you like it or not. Second best guess is Awakening because those were the two games I played the most on my 3DS Pokemon was to easy, new leaf was alright IMO but nothing to brag about and I didn't even play Dark moon nor did anyone go nuts about it.

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um why not pokemon y?

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All Nintendo games, technically. I think Nintendo needs to show developers how to use their hardware and encourage them to make a game like they would.

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Pokemon X/Y
Fire Emblem:Awakening

Legend of Zelda:A Link Between Wolrds.

All of them are great games and I would love to see them win.

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definitely had the most fun with The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, played it almost 36 hours straight (thankkk you coffee). anticipated Pokémon X/Y the most and sunk over 180 hours into it over the course of a month (im easily entertained) but Fire Emblem: Awakening surpassed not just my own but pretty much everyones expectations in most aspects. really hurts to say it since i want A Link Between Worlds to win, but Awakening earns it by revamping the amount of stock we hold in that game. in my opinion

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A Link Between Worlds.

Definitely the best.

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Zelda, hands down.
It is ridiculous to compare an imbalanced low-content tactical wannabe FE:A to this little masterpiece.

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I vote for Zelda for it's high score it got.

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It's got to be Fire Emblem

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Zelda will win because its Zelda

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great music!

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My vote has to go to A Link Between Worlds. (Says the guy w/ Link as his avatar, naturally.) There were so many great 3DS games this year though, it is tough to leave the others out.

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Sorry, Ace Attorney: Dual Destines. The site I usually discus on uses lots of abbreviation, so I was use to doing that.

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Fire Emblem should win this, clearly best 3DS game of this year

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Pretty sure TLBW will win but I love all the game on this selection and play them all, 3ds having a great year so far with so many good games that my pocket is dry and my ps4 saving is completely drained lol

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where to vote ?

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AA:DD should have been on here!

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@Pacquizboy What game is this? Don't you have the time to type out the words?

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All 5 are great games. I'd have to give it to Fire Emblem though. Got the most enjoyment and play time out of it.

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@yokofox33 Yeah, I think that's really why FE wins. Zelda was a really good zelda game, and the nostalgia from the SNES version was good, but it was over quickly and could have offered much more in replay-ability (like if Hero mode did anything). Where FE can pretty much be played as long as you want to play it.

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between World will win this!

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Didn't play Fire Emblem so Zelda is my choice

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Fire Emblem deserves it, but everybody knows that Zelda will take it.

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Jeez, everytime I see footage of Fire Emblem my spine tingles. I can't wait to play that game.

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It has to be Fire Emblem: Awakening for me. That game is just brilliant.

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Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies??

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I love the music in this vid. What is it?

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I loved monster hunter 4 this year, but I guess it's not here since it didn't release in north america.

a pitty

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Surprised they put Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon over Mario and Luigi Dream Team

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@hotdiddykong Yeah, what's up with that?

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Hard to pick just one winner on the 3DS. I feel bad enough that Shin Megami Tensei IV wasn't included, but I can't really knock the nominees that are up there at all, either.

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Yeah, SMT IV deserves to be in the mix, but as a testament to how many great 3DS games were released this year it was actually not even my favorite SMT game and, honestly, only my third favorite Atlus game. I like both SMT: Demon Summoner: Soul Hackers and Etrian Odyssey Untold better. I have played so many great games on my 3DS and logged so many hours this year that something that came out early in the year like Fire Emblem: Awakening feels like something I played many years ago.

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yeah.. what a year it was for the 3ds.. i would have loved to see rune factory 4 too

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Haven't played the new zelda, but from what I've heard, it will probably win. All of the other nominees are great too, and there are a few others that aren't nominees that are awesome too, heck, there are like 10 games that I wouldnt be surprised if they won!

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Fire Emblem: Awakening has had me play it 200+ hours. And I don't even have the DLC

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I bet on Zelda

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played all these games....Fire Emblem Awakening most difinitely should win!!

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I prefer Fire emblem Awakening personally

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Gotta be A Link Between Worlds. I loved Awakening though.

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All such great titles but if I had to choose. I guess I would say Animal Crossing. Only because I have spent 100+ hours on it.

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As a European that plays Bravely Default right now I just have to say that it's a fantastic masterpiece and every US 3ds owner needs to get this pearl at the start of february next year,Truly a marvelous gem.

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Got it on my wishlist. Just waiting for it to release here.

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3DS had a stellar year in 2013. Everything on this list is 1st party, which shows that, if nothing else, Nintendo still hasn't lost its touch for its veteran franchises. You could probably bump off one of the weaker games (Luigi's Mansion) for something like SMT4 or Phoenix Wright, but the other four are still solid contenders for handheld GOTY.

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