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Fondest memories: Souls' series, GoW and Journey.

Darkest ones: after 2 years, the console just stopped playing after some months of slowdown. Took it to the technician and had to pay 200,00 to fix. My PS2 has more than 10 yeras and I NEVER had problems with it.

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@franzito PS2 = greatest gaming console ever!

PS2 was my last gaming console before going PC (soon to be Linux). Even on PC, many of my favs are PC ports of my old PS2 favs. Psychonauts, XIII, Guilty Gear X2, Second Sight, Beyond Good & Evil, Giants Citizen Kabuto, MDK2...

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Is it me or these people are only trolling the Ps3..??? For me the moment when I opened my fat version of the Ps3 admiring its shinny black color and played Metal Gear solid in my LCD TV was the greatest moment in 2008 and since then I just have good memories.

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Seeing Killzone 2's amazing graphics and knowing that they could never be matched on my 360 was definitely and still is a fond memory for me.

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@idk95 gear of war 3 looked better

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@Dangerous231 @idk95 No it didn't. You are blind.

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Bet all of you are still playing your ps3 after paying for a 400$ brick.

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@P90SupportClass http://www.dualshockers.com/2013/11/17/1000000-ps4-units-sold-in-24-hours-give-much-needed-perspective-to-reports-of-bricked-consoles/http://www.dualshockers.com/2013/11/16/bricked-consoles-internet-and-social-media-give-us-power-but-take-perspective-away/ Reality calls for you, I don't think that you will answer it since you wouldn't be able to troll anymore. But to sum things up for you: the most reliable console ever made so far.

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@P90SupportClass that was so original, lulz

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Did anyone else have to turn their TV up to max because of the jet turbine sound of the fan of the original model? Good times. I went through 3 of them over this generation, and despite the many many problems I had with them, I still haven't felt my faith wavering.

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@conartist172 the original 360 was 10 times louder and when you watched DVDs it made a weird rumble and a hell of a loud noise which was annoying.

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@conartist172 The fan is pretty loud and I've had it freeze a handful of times due to overheating I think, but other than that I still have my original PS3 and it's working fine.

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Nice. Just... nice.

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Damn,I was rocking my mid-20's when this launched. My ps3 has been there through different jobs, cars, ups and downs..

It's been in my living room for a looooooong time.

Anyone else feeling old?

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@xtraflossy lol yeah , i was at high school at the time, playing all day long with friends, now im working and have litlle time to even turn it on :(

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@xtraflossy yeah man. WHen I got the ps3 I was single. Now I have a wife and a mortgage.

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I need to know what the name of that song please!

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I really laughed my ass off through the whole vid haha. But yeah, PS3 was the greatest console this gen. Both cause of the game library that consists of awesome exclusives/classics on PS store, free online play, hardware is MUCH more reliable than MS empty plastic-box .

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Even though i never owned a Ps3, this vid makes me feel nostalgic and like i was there.

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BACKWARDS COMPATIBILI! no backwards compatibility..ROFL!!! XD

seriously! Sony should be more like Nintendo! they should add one previous gen compatibility to the console AND INCLUDE A F***N STAND IN THE BOX!!!!

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I feel like they focused too much on launch to mid life, not much of the later stuff

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Pretty sure you guys already did this for both PS3 and Xbox 360 when they were announced.
In fact forget that, I think this is the video.

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@pongley Yes, this is that video. I think it makes more sense to feature it now than at the announcement, though.

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What yellow light? i still use my 60gb launch model, going strong.

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@Foxhound1982 same here bro

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I had the yellow light about five years into my PS3 and used the heat gun solution to extract my data and the machine is still going.

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@Foxhound1982 same here. While I Went through 2-3 Shitboxes and stopped bothering with that failure of a console my old PS3 is still standing and working totally fine with more than 20 games installed on the HDD and a library of 10+ phys games.

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@Foxhound1982 I upgraded my launch model with 750GB HDD because blu-ray drive stopped working. Downloaded GTA V and im good :D

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@Foxhound1982 i also had an 80gb launch model going strong.

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Demon's Souls, thank you PS3 for Demon's Souls. I'm off now... to play Demon's Souls

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for god sake put a download link....

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Ah so this is a funny video haha~!!

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'cause dumb things matter, not great games we've played >_>

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I just got my PS3 this year so it's saying hello for me and i'm enjoying the games and hating the features and UI i'm use to my 360, So far God of war 3, last of us and uncharted been great.

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@dmastor GOW3/Ascension, ICO/Shadows of the colossus, Demons Souls, Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen, Dragons Crown, Diablo 3 and Fatal Frame 2+ Siren:Blood Curse (if you like horror games) and the whole collection of old RE games are enough to take a PS3 over a shitbox. Without mentioning the fact that youll be able to play 90% of these games online for free.

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Dragon's Crown

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Best memory so far is also the best PS3 game so far.

And it is : Demon's souls.

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Why do I always cry with this videos?

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i thought this was gonna be a legit feature. instead it was a bunch of random stuff thrown in. why :(

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This new generation is completely contrived. The 360 and PS3 were just coming into their own. The tiny differene between the new generation and the PS3 and 360 prove this.

Also, Gamespot came into its own during this generation. This new site format and all these great video features really make Gamespot worth the visit.

If not for this new generation I would have felt completely fine playing new games on the PS3 and 360.

What is the name of the musical track for this series of video? Great.

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That is how every generation is. Go play Disgaea 3 for the PS3. It looks like a PS2 game. In fact I can think of a couple PS2 games that look better, including Final Fantasy XII.

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@auron11022 @whynotdairy

I was talking more in terms of technological advance.

PS2 to PS3 featured

- Brand new, way higher capacity storage format

-Sony's adoption of the hard drive concept (their abandonment of the hard drive for the ps2 makes the ps2 hard drive not worth bringing up)

- The XMB (however clunky it is), rather than a boot straight to game concept.

- The cell processor absoloutely trashed the PS2's capabilities..way more than the PS4-PS3 gap

- Six axis controller

- bluetooth wireless controllers, up to 4 connectable instead of 2

I guess what I am trying to say is that actual innovation was done, rather than just improvements.

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I will always forget DRAKES FORTUNE and MGS4. Aside from free online, PS3 was totally forgettable. Xbox 360 didn't have any superb titles either. PS2 and the N64 are much more memorable systems. The only good game I played this last gen was Red Dead Redemption. Skyrim was amazing, but it kept freezing and crashing on my PS3... Is there any hope for the future of games?

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@Dredcrumb9 GOW3/Ascension, ICO/Shadows of the colossus, Demons Souls, Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen, Dragons Crown, Diablo 3 and Fatal Frame 2+ Siren:Blood Curse (if you like horror games) and the whole collection of old RE games are enough to take a PS3 over a shitbox

You guys have some weird tastes. Also Crap of Us and uncharted doesnt belong as games. Naughty Dogs poop is such a overrated piece of shit of devs team that should stick to making movies.

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@gameroutlawzz Naughty Dog is the greatest and has always been and will be even better than ever this gen. You are useless and have failed in life if you claim that Naughty Dog isn't awesome.

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@Dredcrumb9 if you think that mgs4 is forgettable then u are far beyond any point of reasoning as I feel you have lost touch with reality. but just incase you someday find yourself. You may want to try out these games:

- Journey

-The last of us

-MGS4 again

-demon souls

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FORZA, Halo, Alan Wake, XBLA, Trials, Gears of War, Crack Down, Mass Effect....

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@Snakepond1 only one of the games you mention can compete with the sony equivalent Forza.

Could maybe argue Halo as it is better than killzone but not by much and there are better fps than the both of them.

Alan wake is nowhere near as good as last of us or uncharted.

Trials is good but not as good as journey.

Gears of war went stale and is not as good as god of war.

Crack down isn't as good as infamous or demon souls.

And lastly mass effect which is awsome but the weakest of the trilogy and you can get it on ps3 in the trilogy pack.

I would say at least 3 sony exclusives would be in the top 10 of this generation and probably no ms exclusives. So win sony plus when was the last good exclusive on the 360 ms abandoned it awhile ago!