2K Marin Studio Featurette

BioShock 2 is being developed by the brand-new 2K Marin studio, but many of the people working there are veterans from the first game. Find out more in this exclusive feature.

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    GO AUSTRALIA!! Bioshock looks awesome, most likely gonna get it. P.S. If you haven't looked at Batman Arkham Asylum yet, go look right now

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    guhhh i want it now i can almost hear the music now.. "how much is that doggie in th- doggie in th- doggie in th-...."

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    Come on I'm tired of interviews I want to see some game videos.

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    These designers are a-holes they made me wet myself with excitement.

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    This game will be as epic as the first I can't wait to go back to rapture

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    BioShock is EXCELLENT!.

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    First one was epic, I hope they can 'live-up' so-to-speak to the original with the sequel.

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    ☻/ /▌ / \ Bob approves

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    This is the least interesting thing I've watched all week... and I work for the court system. FAIL.

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    I think the new stuff for friday was that exclusive interview they had that went up on friday, was roughly 8 minutes long.

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    cant wait for the next one

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    i love bioshock

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    So where is thew stuff they promised for Friday?

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    Cant wait..If anything else this game is at the top of my list. Really would like some more videos please.

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    I enjoyed the first one but it was a bit short, here's hoping this is longer!

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    FYI, there's some gameplay footage on CVG...playing as Big Daddy...looks pretty friggin' sweet!

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    Bioshock was outstanding - don't buy it through Steam though. Say no to Steam...oh yeah and drugs!

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    Would you kindly post more videos about Bioshock 2

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    I just hope they maintain the same level of quality of the original AND improve the visuals as well. Add proper lip-synching of NPC, add hi-res textures for pc, and improve AI. A proper sequel shouldn't just be rehash of the original material but an improvement in every way. Don't care or want multiplayer though.

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    I have this game on Steam and I just got it for my 360, and I am playing it over again. Great game! Bioshock 2 better be done well... I really hope so.

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    I just finished up Bioshock a few hours ago, I CANNOT believe I missed out on that game at launch. It was truly one of the best single-player experiences I've ever had. Right up there with RE4. I suppose it works out better that way, now I don't have to wait as long for Bioshock 2 haha.

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    lol pause at 1:22 there's a hidey hole on the wall for a Little Sister

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    @ soulhunter Thats the whole idea of Bioshock. Ur supposed 2 play the game the way u want 2. If they balanced the weapons and plasmids, everyone would play the game the same way, defeating the whole idea behind it

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    Bioshock certainly will be an entertaining game again and if no better FPS will come out at the same time i just might buy this one (don't think a better one will come out though). Bioshock is a good game but there are better ones.

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    This is gonna ROCK!!!

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    Bioshock = 11 out of 10.

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    i started playing through the bioshock again the other day, i truly forgot how good it was, really looking forward to the next installment, pleased to see many of the original team are working on bioshock 2

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    It's good to know similar team is handling Bioshock. "Immersion is in details" So true, that's what made me replay original game four times.. Details really made me explore every inch of rapture and the atmosphere was phenomenal. Keep up the good work folks.

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    Good to see Australia's opening for game designing :)

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    i just hope they balance out the weapons and plasmids parts. i used plasmids more than weapons

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    With this an Gamespot's retro reel, we've seen excellent coverage of the uncoming Bioshock. So it looks like the only challenge is that they can top themselves. Maybe a huge hurdle but at least the right people, if anyone could, will achieve the impossible. Looks very promising. :)

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    Yeah, that worries me too, but I'm keeping an open mind. Will wait for the reviews before I buy though.

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    It's just sad (and scary) that Ken Levine is not part of development crew for BioShock 2. However, I wish all the best for them adn I hope they will deliver an awesome game.

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    Cant wait for this game!

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    BioShock 2 !!!! will b freakin' AWESOME !!!!!

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    This "top talent in the bay area" they speak of, they better do BioShock justice, man. :P

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    very cool

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    its the climmmmbbbbbb keep the faith keeeep the faiaiaith