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27 Warframe Questions With Rebecca Ford

Warframe is a massive and sprawling game with many questions to seek answers to. Thankfully Warframe's Community Director, Rebbeca Ford, is here to answer the internet's most searched Warframe questions.

Since Warframe's debut in 2013, the community surrounding the free-to-play online game has grown significantly across PC and consoles. With the concept being about playing as "space ninjas" exploring a strange universe filled with open worlds to explore and ancient loot to uncover, there have undoubtedly been some lingering questions from fans. These include the fate of key characters, how to unlock some of the more high-end Frames, and just where the hell you can find some of the rare crafting materials. With this in mind, we spoke with the one person at developer Digital Extremes who has been at the forefront of answering all of the internet's most asked questions about Warframe, and that's "Space Mom" herself, Rebecca Ford.

Along with being the voice of the in-game character Lotus, who serves as the guide for all active Tenno, Ford is also Digital Extreme's Live Operations and Community Director and is the most knowledgeable Warframe player on the internet. When she isn't playing Warframe on livestreams, she's answering the community's burning questions and keeping fans up to date on the latest of what's happening with the game.

In this latest video, GameSpot spoke with Ford about the growing scope of Warframe and how the community has reacted to the latest updates. In addition to explaining what some of the top-tier Frames are, what's new with the Railjack, and just what the deal is with characters like Clem, she also gave a brief update on the current state of things with the anticipated expansion The Duvari Paradox, first announced back in 2019.

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