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16 Minutes of Fairy Tail Exploration, Combat and Story Gameplay

In this Fairy Tail demo we take Natsu, Erza, and Lucy to Akane Beach to train and level up before the Grand Magic Games. On their way there they fight various monsters and even run into Jellal and Ultear. Jellal and Ultear help power them up and ultimately test the groups new found power.

Fairy Tail--a shonen manga that premiered in August 2006 and went on for over 11 years--is getting a video game adaption in 2020. Ahead of its release, we got to play the game at a preview event. You can watch our exploration and combat gameplay in the video above.

The upcoming Fairy Tail game follows the 13th story arc of the manga: The Grand Magic Games. It's one of the most beloved arcs in the series, as it sees the main cast of characters engage in some of the coolest battles across the entire story. The Fairy Tail game is a party-based RPG, allowing you to form your team from over 10 characters from the manga/anime. As you complete missions and win grid-focused, turned based battles, you'll earn money to upgrade your guild hall, which will open shops and attract new characters.

For those unfamiliar, Fairy Tail takes place in the fantasy world of Fiore, a place where wizards can join guilds and work with their peers to complete contracts for money. The story is told through Lucy Heartfilia, a celestial wizard who can summon members of the Zodiac to aid her in battle. As a member of the Fairy Tail guild, Lucy fights alongside teammates Natsu (a fire dragon slayer wizard), Gray (an ice make wizard), Erza (an armor requip wizard), Wendy (a sky dragon slayer wizard), and Happy and Carla (sentient cat-like creatures with wings).

If you're looking to catch up on Fairy Tail prior to the release of the game--and you probably should, because The Grand Magic Games arc takes place fairly late in the story--then either read up to manga chapter 257 or watch up to anime episode 150. Fairy Tail is coming to PS4, Switch, and PC in 2020.