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15 Minutes of Wo Long: Fall Dynasty Gameplay

We played through Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty's demo a couple of times to master its challenging Souls-like combat.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty combines a variety of different ideas from combat veterans Team Ninja, creating a faster, more intense Soulslike experience. We recently got a chance to play Wo Long's PlayStation 5 demo, which gives a look at the game's combat and a variety of its systems.

The notable thing about Wo Long is how fast and aggressive it is, while maintaining some of the underlying foundations of Souls-like games. Enemies hit hard and are often unblockable, forcing you to adapt and adjust to their strategies, but you can also overwhelm them with strikes and dodges thanks to the game's "spirit" system, which replaces the usual stamina gauge. That creates a tug-of-war-like take on combat, where you have to know when to block and when to attack, overwhelming your enemy so they don't overwhelm you.

Wo Long is also tough. The footage here is a sort of "new game plus" version of the demo, allowing you to start over but keeping your equipment and character level. If it looks like we're tearing through this demo, it's because we're a bit overleveled in order to give you a cleaner, speedier look at the gameplay (although we still died a few times along the way).