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The Movies was a great game. I have no idea what Mark had against it.

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Probably should add Injustice to this list now... XD

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Vanquish's ending was entertaining.

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super smash bros. brawl u got to shoot stuff

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Dead Space 2.......just for the tune.

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I fully expected to see the Super Smash Bros. saga ending sequences. SSB for N64 was the very first interactive credits roll I ever saw, and that must count for something!

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DMC3, the best ending. >:D

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Super Smash Bros. Melee...

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When i grow up, i wanna be an assistant jimmy jib operator!

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To me the best ending sequence was Prince of Persia, the one with Elika and the light orb things. The ending was so awesome with that twist that you can't believe what you are about to do but you do it anyways willingly.

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What about Super Smash Bros. Melee? Those were awsome end credits, even if you did have to see them about a hundred times.

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Hitman Blood Money...

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Mark looks in pain these days

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what about saints riw the third , it was really joyful thought !!!

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@steve_fox_fm3 Saints Row 3 really disappointed me compared to SR2. The story wasn't as branched out as in SR2 and they just went too over the top with the game. In SR2 you could do crazy/over the top stuff if you wanted but in SR3 they are practically force feeding you to play it as crazy as they want you to.

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i think mgs for psx is missing!

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where is mass effect (1) ?

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i'd be surprised if they overlooked Portal :) Also Titan Quest IT has a secret map where you kill monsters named by developers under some hard rock music.

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I f*cking loved The Movies!

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The LittleBigPlanet credits were pretty cool too.

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@ Way2fonky I know man, I've played MadWorld as well. The only reason I didn't mention it was that it wasn't on the list. Although it should've been on the list.

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The Portal games are the only games I've ever played that I've actually wanted to get to the credits.

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No contest at all! The greatest credits of all time were Zombies Ate My Neighbours, made all those years ago. You actually get to explore Lucasarts studios, talking to the people who made the game, and collecting powerups to bust through walls and cause havok. It even has a boss! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ko4PvV5I4Q As usual Gamespot, you have let down the retro generation by not including this gem of a game.

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I laugh every time I listen to the end song from Portal cheers guys!

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What about Assassin's Creed 2? And Super Smash Bros? Mario Galaxy 2?

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OH YES, Bayonetta's pole dancing IS for the books! But what about Portal's 2 ending with ultra silly music?

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ye dmc3 owns! btw u get a special ending if u kill 100+ enemies during the credits (even a trophy for the hd collection). i also really liked the song at the end of dragon age 2

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LOL ' you sick bastard ' i liked that

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO where was Super smash brothers?

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Don't know why Rayman Origins was on here because the credits were unbelievably long that you just couldn't be bothered fooling about a couple of mins after. Super Smash Bros Melee in my opinion would have been a more suitable pick, which Vanquish pretty much took its credits from.

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I love you for playing a good length of the Portal credits :)

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I'm happy to know i'm not the only person who was expecting to see Super Smash Bros on the list. I originally guessed Smash and Rayman Origins to be on the list, completely forgetting Portal. Oh well.

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what happened to ICO , Shadow Of Colossus ? these were incomparable to to those master pieces ...

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Vanquish took that idea from Super Smash Bros. Melee. Which I now see other people have posted. Oh well.

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Portal did have an awesome ending. Too bad Portal 2 didn't have the "it" factor--it was better, but perhaps too much. Portal was better as a simple game with no sequel or forced humor.

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What about Transrormers:War For Cybertron? http://youtu.be/e1avi5_wzgE

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Portal is a good game, but it is ridiculously overrated.

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I thought Metal Gear Soilid would have been included its not interactive but its nice end to the game, thou you are forcced to go throu them in order to see the hidden story bit at the end of the credits.

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Nice list, but you left out Joker's song over the credits of Arkham City.

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Figures a robot beats everyone.

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Portal 2!

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It's not interactive at all, but I would have tossed in an honorable mention for Final Fantasy VI, whose ending lasts longer than The Lord of the Rings extended edition's ending.

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I knew Portal would win

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Oh screw you. The Movies isn't that bad. I've never beaten it though. It's one of those sandboxy games you start over repeatedly without ever finishing.

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anyone remember the spongebob battle for bikini bottom credits?

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Thank god portal was on the list, that is like the greatest value game ever and a great game period. The credits were awesome and I actually wanted to replay just to get there again, well done.

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No Super Smash Bros? Really?

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Super smash bros coin shooting and assassins creed 2 credits are best

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Tatsunoko vs. Capcom had a cool little interactive staff roll. If you beat it, you earned an extra game mode.

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@BBA4LIFE You'd love the staff roll to Madworld. ;) Watch it on YouTube.