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11 Star Trek: Picard Theories - The Borg, Data, and Everything We Know So Far

Star Trek: Picard is coming to CBS All Access in the near future, focusing on beloved Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart). Here are 11 theories about the new series, based on the footage that we've seen so far.

The upcoming CBS All Access series Star Trek: Picard remains largely mysterious. We have learned it'll see a number of returning characters and elements, including the Borg and Data, but exactly how things will play out is a question we don't yet have an answer to. That said, we do have plenty of theories and information to parse through; in the video above, we dive into what we know and what it could tell us about Picard.

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Detaining, experimenting on them or both. Or showing a holding site guarded by Romulans yada yada... not to mention the chalk board showing the facility has 5843 days without assimilation... That's some decent detention considering...

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"I am Locutus, of Borg..." *audience shits pants*

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Not watching the vid but was Picard joining the Q continuum touched on? I mean, am I high or did that not happen in the series finale to The Next Generation? Nobody’s talking about it! Picard forfeited his humanity to join the goddamn Q continuum!! How can this show exist?!? Are you all INSANE?!

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That... never happened. Yes, Q was in the finale of TNG, but Picard never became a Q or anything like that. The series ended with Picard joining the other officers for poker, and then there were several movies following the series, featuring a very human Picard with the rest of the crew (and no Q).

You may be thinking of DS9's ending, where Sisko left behind the rest of the cast to join the Prophets and learn all that they can teach him in their weird timeless wormhole land. But even then they had a scene where Sisko said that he would, eventually, come back.

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Patrick Stewart looks super-ancient.

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@jsprunk: You will too when your his age.

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@dmblum1799: Nah. I'm going to look more like Captain Kirk than Captain Picard. Plus I didn't go bald at age 20 like Stewart did.

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Yeah, I agree with many of the sentiments in the video. As much as I like JJ Abrams & much of his work, if I'm going to be honest here, someone like me who grew up in the late-90's watching The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager (& even some TOS reruns), on an almost-nightly basis, could never TRULY accept his shiny reboot universe. So my friends & I are all in on this new series. Show 'em how it's done, Captain Picard. Or is it Admiral now? With TOS Kirk's "advice", I actually wouldn't be surprised either way. Y'all true fans out there know what I'm talkin about.