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11 Minutes Of High Level Guilty Gear Strive Gameplay

We've got 3 high level Guilty Gear -Strive- matches complete with some aggressive corner pressure in each match. These matches include the recently announced Chipp Zanuff, Potemkin, as well as May, Ky Kiske, Sol Badguy and Axl Low.

At developer Arc System Works' fighting game tournament, ArcRevo, the next entry in its vaunted Guilty Gear series was playable. It also got its official name: Guilty Gear Strive. We were able to get footage of an early build, and in the video above, you can watch a few matches with familiar faces. In the first fight, you'll see fan favorite May lay the smackdown on Chipp. The second match has Potemkin and Ky facing off followed by series cover boy Sol Badguy versus Axl Low in the third match.

Guilty Gear Strive takes the franchise's signature hand-drawn anime-inspired art style and kicks it up a few notches for something new and spectacular to see in motion. While we have an assortment of standard versus fights for you to watch, keep in mind that the game is still a ways out and not yet finalized. Guilty Gear Strive is set to launch sometime in late 2020 and currently slated for just PlayStation 4.

You can also check out the latest trailer that also shows the return of Faust, the wacky surgeon with a traditionally wild moveset. In the meantime, you can play the latest entry, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 (the updated version of Xrd Revelator) for PS4 and PC.

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