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11 Minutes Of GTFO Rundown 8.0 Duality Gameplay

GTFO has a free weekend on Steam and will include matchmaking for the first time as it goes into its final Rundown 8.0. The last chapter for GTFO includes a new tentacle enemy type and adds back in previous Rundowns totaling 80 Expeditions.

GTFO is a game where players assume the roles of prisoners who descend into dark chambers filled with mutants while following the mysterious instructions of a Warden. It is a raid-like title that revolves around trauma-bonding teams and requires good team composition, on-comm communication, and managing ammo/resource scarcity.

The game's Rundown system consists of campaigns with 8-12 maps, and as new maps are added, previous ones are removed to keep the game stable. The 8th and final rundown, Duality, will include the previous LTM Rundown Chapters with around 80 Expeditions in total and will feature a new tentacle head special enemy.

Rundown 8.0 will also bring public matchmaking for the first time during the upcoming free weekend on Steam running from Dec 7 to 10. GTFO will be appearing at The Game Awards along with Ten Chambers' new heist game Den Of Wolves. If you want to learn more about it, head on over to GameSpot.