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11 Halo Infinite Advanced Tips You Didn't Know

There's a lot you might not know that you can do in Halo Infinite, such as Super Sliding with your handy grapple. We put together a list of advanced tips and tricks to help you gain the extra edge on the battlefield.

Each new weapon and piece of equipment has secret perks and changes the landscape of Halo Infinite's multiplayer. Getting increased grenade distance with Repulsors, launching farther with Grappleshots, and using Threat Sensors and shock weapons as a mobile shock pole are just some of the secrets hidden in the game's engine. As time goes one, more is sure to be uncovered in Halo Infinite's sandbox.

As Jordan Ramée states in the Halo Infinite's Review In Progress, "The multiplayer feels like old-school Halo, but tweaked to better fit the modern FPS playerbase that has fallen in love with shooters that accentuate their solid gunplay with smooth movement and quick-to-deploy abilities."