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A 1080p piece of shit is still a piece of shit.

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Whoa, for a moment I tought the xb was capable of doing 1080p

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Why not just say Xbox One preview? I swear to Jah this site just wants to get people like rasterorsoniu13 started on some BS in here. SMGDH.....

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made it a point to always stagger my console purchases by 12-18 months, so glad i did because i missed out on just about all the PS3 games they have remastered. Remasters are great if you haven't played the game. So much more bang for your buck and its not like they are remastering bad games. Devil May Cry, Dark Souls2, Borderlands, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, etc. Great games

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@harlemstruggle: that's a good strategy

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ironic its called payday in this day and age of the DLC (which should be nicknamed Downloadable Cancer) because thats what its done to this gen of gaming, cant believe there are suckers still out there that buy that stuff :/

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Get back on your porch old man, accept that this is where games are heading and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it

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Nope. I refuse to accept terrible business practices

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Though I'm more talking about how DLC gets abused so often, not really talking about this case

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Can anyone tell me for sure if the ps4/Xbox one version will carry over your progress from ps3/360 like gta v did?

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No they announced that

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Damn that sucks, thanks man appreciate it.

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considering how much content you get in this edition, i reckon its good value (for console). PC obviously works out cheaper if bundled with DLC.

if you're foolish and buy all the DLC individually for its retail, yes it works out expensive. but you dont have to. no one forces you to buy it.

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@LeroyPeterson: have a look at your wording, you should be saying "dont support DLC", not "no one forces you to buy it" theres a big difference

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Would you prefer Overkill to just stop releasing new content for PD2 and instead release a new game every 12 months and charge you $40+ for it?

unfortunately you cant always have your cake and eat it too in gaming.

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@hotwog21: : have at look at your wording. You should be saying "your opinion is as valid as mine, i don't agree with you though". There's a big difference.

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Or you can buy the Game Of The Year Edition on a Steam Sale and profit! I got the base game for $5 and it's amazing DLC-less, I am interested in some of them and that's the beauty of it, you don't need the DLCs but you can buy the ones you want to enhance YOUR experience the most :]

I love to play it with my wired X360 controller, I knew it was a solid investment back on 2006.

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I have a question since I've only been here for about 4 months, but did Gamespot always mention how many P's a game has in the title for 360 or PS3 games or is this just a next gen thing?

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@i_p_daily: It's a next gen thing, since this game was released a few years back on PS3 and X360 they state the upgrades you get for getting it on PS4 or X1.

But if you can, I thoroughly recommend the PC version with a controller, it's a blast to play it on Steam, and if you care about the Ps you'll get them all when you get a better GPU ;)

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@Juan1988@i_p_daily: Ok thanks for replying I thought it was a this gen thing.

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One of the worst online games i've played. The DLC they constantly churn out is also just laughable. The last one they did was a Wild West pack ffs. Absolute joke

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Very excited to not purchase this game like the other 129387128747124896710491273498172y412394018920467901329048123784 money grabs.

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this game is a good game but it is a complete money pit when dlc comes out

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@88mikelll: Yes, but at least they sell you a complete game (tons of missions, guns, skill trees, some free DLC...). I can vouch for Overkill that their DLC just enhance your experience, I've been playing it for +70h without a single DLC, might buy one or two when the next Steam sales arrives, they should be abour $2-$2.50 each :]

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My god the player doesn't know how to play with controller, geez...

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@aa2br: My god the commenter doesn't know how to type with keyboard, geez...

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@aa2br: That's because they keep looking for the triangle, circle and square.

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@aa2br: He doesn't know how to play.