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10 Minutes Of Overwatch Switch Gameplay

Oh, that's right! Overwatch Nintendo Switch gameplay. See for yourself how Overwatch looks both docked and undocked on Switch. Overwatch comes to the Nintendo Switch October 15th.

Ahead of Overwatch’s October 15 release on Nintendo Switch, we captured footage of it running both docked and undocked at 30FPS. We also experimented with the gyroscope control options that are exclusive to Switch.

We played Hybrid (Assault/Escort) as Ashe on Eichenwalde (Halloween), Hybrid as Zarya on Dorado, and a few others matches to get a good variety of gameplay. Our footage isn’t Overwatch League levels of excitement and gameplay, but is a good opportunity to see what the game looks and plays like on the hybrid console.

The Overwatch Nintendo Switch port runs surprisingly well considering the amount of effects on screen at any given time. Blizzard confirmed that, alongside a targeted 30 frames-per-second, Overwatch runs at 900p while docked and 720p while undocked.