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It will be a fantastic game . I can assure you that !!!!!

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BORDERLANDS!!!!!!! i am truly addicted to it,ballad of gay tony is truly awesome,and FALLOUT well thats a different story all together:long story short addicting (until you run out of things to do) and fun,and when i say fun i mean lock your door put down a case of mountain dew and open up that Doritos bag your pulling off an "all nighter"

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World of Warcraft is not a game. It is a lifestyle.

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No confirmation if D3 is coming out in 2011 :(

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World of Warcraft I mean!

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I want!

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Mass Effect 3, Diablo 3, Dragon Age 2, The Witcher 2 - omg 2011 is going to be one heck of a year. I'll probably stockpile all food and go live in my basement for a year.

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Moderation! Whenever I play games, I play for about 3-5 hours. When I'm not playing I think about playing but I can manage the urge. So the next time I play I enjoy it more because I was thinking about it so much. Well I'm going to start playing Borderlands with a friend in a few days, I hope I don't get too attached to it. :)

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I'd sh!t my pants over Diablo 3 It'd be so addictive i'd probably vanish from Earth entirely for at least a week

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Completely agree, Diablo 3, Mass Effect 2, and Dragon Age, pumped for all three, I give em all 10 outta 10. Diablo 3, just blows my mind with expansive gameplay, Mass Effect 2 I can play as many times as I want without reliving the same experience, and Dragon Age, wow, best game ever!

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MW2, what a dump game...

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why is everyone saying "no starcraft 2"? yess this is a great game, although look at the date of the video. ring a bell?

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Im a big fan of mass effect buttttt mass effect 2 was disappointing sorta :)

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@indyscout: Well, neither MOST these games they mentioned on this video.

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@KoRniTo look at the date on the video, Starcraft 2 hadn't been released yet.

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They forgot Starcraft 2 :(

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help to addicted to modern warfare to cant stop since november 10 2009

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God damn I so wish I could have wow but My dad says its too dear I really hope it becomes free till then its lotro

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this looks amazing, time to rest now, cuz when this releases, there will be no sleep, and calls into work

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word up xD

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lol @ MW2 getting in on this list

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Can't wait for diablo 3

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I am afraid to play Diablo 3 cause i will have to beat it and beat it and beat it over and over again

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man, i honestly just cannot wait for diablo 3! Yes, its all great about SC2 blizzard! Thank you, i will play it! but please .... Diablo3 :D

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no Starcraft 2 ? :(

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why isn't there an diablo 3 release date yet -.-" i would really like to know so i know how much time i got to save up my money xD

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Diablo 3... *.*

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diablo 3 cant wait =)

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Don't know about any of those games, I havn't been on them, but Viva Pinata keeps me glued to the xbox!!! haha

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looking forward to starcraft 2 myself.

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Oblivion has kept me addicted for years and every time I stop playing and think that I am actually bored of it I find myself with nothing to do so I'm like I'll just play a little bit and do ''that'' but after doing ''that'' I think that I could also do ''this'' and get addicted all over again. Using a lot of mods though because Oblivion without mods is boring. P.S. To Bethesda and the developers: Recruit the people who have created mods for Elder Scrolls they have done your good job great and if you actually hire some of them you might hit excelence

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Mass Effect is an RPG... with tactical shooter aspects.

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@tommynooky dude the only mmo in their was WoW the others were normal rpg's and mass effect is a third person shooter not an fps.

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personally i got into oblivion much more than fallout 3.

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I ran my desktop PC into the ground playing Oblivion so I haven't been able to play it for the past year but at the back of my mind there is the irrepressible awareness that the game save files are retrievable from the hard disk and that it would only take me to eat into my savings for planned teacher training education to spend on a brand new super computer to run it off at full specs. Ughhh...somebody say a prayer for me...

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Omg.... what a shame...-this was just amother comercial... What about S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (all 3)?----

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It’s been ages since I actually wrote summin’...Anyways Immersing/Too Addicting Games: Diablo II, Morrowind, Oblivion, GTA series (not as much). [All I can think of at the moment] One of my Oblivion characters is a Lich (mod), rides a dragon (mod), lives in: 1. Underworld castle 2. Sky castle 3. Three different worlds/dimensions 4. I could just ramble on for about 2 pages... 5. Then we get to my other characters i.e. a Werewolf, an Orc, a Dark Elf Vampire... Don't even get me started on Morrowind, or 5 law books of BS will overload GS I'm lucky I escaped this ill plagued fate ||gaming|| and got into: Sports + reading + friends = Chicks and good physical/mental health. Only thing missing is studying, which = Money, chicks (even after the golden days), and an academic career which doesn’t leave you worrying about the rent, especially if you live here in Sweden were you will freeze to death. Recipe for baking a winners’ cake by Aces of Crime Tel: Pfffft

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xxGuns, I can barely understand your typing. u typ liek thes

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oblivion, man thats the only game i knocked up 200 hours on. too much shlt to do and ways to make money

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you know, i think theres a game missing and also a new chapter to it, Elders scroll! i mean i spent like 102 hours on oblivion and still not finish it after 1 year or so, i get to play it a little once a week because i also play other newer games, but its really great, also all the Metal Gear Solid Saga, i must admit i bough the PS3 only for Sons of the patriots, and the psp for the portable ops and of course the syphon filter :) and im getting the pacewalker, its just maybe the best storyline ever in the gaming world

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Funny to watch this now that most of those games are out :)

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this game is really old but i still play it a ton and i used to play it prbly a good 15 hours a day Know other than counterstrike 1.6

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hell yeah .. diablo 3 :) grab beer and chips for 1 month :))

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Mass Effect 2 for sure, and of course World of Warcraft, but Dragon Age: Origins wasn't as interesting, if they just redid Baldur's Gate: Shadows of Amn, but with Dragon Age graphics, man would that ruin my social life. I also can't wait till Diablo 3 comes out!

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what... no mount & blade? that game comepletley ruined my social life.

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but awsome!!!

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lol scardy cats

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wow such scardy cats

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@XxgunsxX, this video was made half a year ago, are you a WoW hater, also I doubt Red Dead Redemption was totally anounced and what-not, you call it "trash", I call it 6 months old now.