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10 Biggest Game Releases For December 2022

Still not sure what to ask Santa for? Well lucky for you this December is a little busier than normal, so we’ve got some great ideas for your wish list. Here are 10 of the biggest games coming out in December 2022.

The Callisto Protocol is a new original survival-horror game set on Callisto--a moon of Jupiter. More specifically, it's set in a prison called Black Iron located on Callisto in 2320, with protagonist Jacob Lee finding himself trapped as mutating humans begin taking over and murdering other inmates. If dead things in space sound familiar, that's because The Callisto Protocol is being developed by Dead Space co-creator Glen Schofield’s new company, Striking Distance Studios.

Marvel's Midnight Suns is the next game from developer Firaxis Games, the studio behind Civilization and the past three XCOM games. Though it has tactical strategy elements, Marvel's Midnight Suns is far from a superhero reskin of XCOM. Instead of set abilities, your heroes will each have a deck of ability cards that get shuffled together when you bring three of them into combat together. Those cards range from basic attacks to special skills, allowing you to buff other players or toss enemies around the battlefield. The cards can also be customized with variations to suit your playstyle.

Need for Speed has a number of games about street racing, but Need for Speed Unbound might just be one of the most distinct entries in the long-running series, thanks to its cel-shaded visuals that make it look like a high-speed anime series. In the story players will attempt to win The Grand, the ultimate street racing challenge in Lakeshore, collecting cars and using them as a canvas to show off their personal style on the streets.