A forgotton Classic that needs to be played.

User Rating: 9 | Hajime no Ippo: Victorious Boxers PS2
Victorious Boxers:Ippo's Road to Glory is a game that nobody remebers or a game that nobody has played.Based upon the Hajime No Ippo anime this game follows the anime well through it's storyline and gameplay.The storyline is told well as it tells the main fights that Ippo goes through.Some short dialogue Sequences are provided before and during the Boxing match as well.With information on the fight and Advice on How to Win.The gameplay is alot of fun and one of the most realistic boxing games you may come across upon.The X,Square,Triangle and Circle Buttons are your regular punches.With things like Hooks and Straights.If you hold down the L1 Button you can sometimes do a Special Punch and if lands with good timing you can do some real massive damage.The Fighting is fast and it feels very tight.But at somepoints it can feel a bit sluggish but however this is a very minor as anybody can get by this if you play the game alot.What makes Victorious Boxers very realalistic is how the Health System is handheld.Their is no Health Bar to tell you how the condition of the boxers are.Instead you have to pay very close attention to the face or body.The more Damaged they look that's how you can tell they are on the verge of losing.The graphics are also very well done for an early Playstation 2 title.The arenas look very nice in alot ways with places such as Small Boxing Gyms or Big Arenas.The character models also look very nice as they can be compared well to their Anime counterparts.They get the job done and it looks nice.Overall Victorious Boxers is a game I can totaly reccomend to anybody who wants a good Boxing Game or is a fan of the Anime.While some of the fights do feel Sluggish.This is just a minor gripe and I think anybody can get used to it.