If you've been waiting for a 19th century economic and political game, this is it.

User Rating: 9.5 | Victoria II PC
Great gameplay, lots of fun new concepts like great power ranking, special abiliies of great power, complex working economy and great diplomatic and political game. Many countries are very interesting to play. Very well done game. Probably one of the best recieved games by paradox fans.

If economics and politics is your thing, you are going to love it.

absolutely great looking map. No stability problems AT ALL and one of the most polished releases paradox has ever done.

--rebels need to be worked on
--economic model needs more tweaking but great.

Best part
--- fun economy
-- Great Power system
-- diplomatic system vastly improved with added war goals

Things I'd like to see
-- Mission system from EU3 for this game
-- More diplomatic options
---Individual tariffs
--- More fleshed out debt /equity markets