User Rating: 7.1 | Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun PC
This game is pretty good like its counterpart Hearts of Iron the game is basically about taking the world and as much as you can in a certain time expansion limit. Well they did a little too much remodeling of this game where the rules are ridicoules and take the fun out the game for instance you cant annex any nation it has to be like a major nation. Ex: I was russia and I invaded Sweden and I take all of Sweden but it wont let me annex at all and Partisians arise and my armys grow weaker everytime they fight and almost all nations start with Negative manpower so you cant refit your armys just put the rest that have survived in and hope for the best I found that really stupid but they did make some changes in the menus I liked such as tax of the rich, poor, middle class. And technology is in catagorys now such as Military, Economy, Industry etc. But this game is OK if you can get past some of its stupid rules that really need to be changed.