User Rating: 9.2 | Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun PC
Im going to keep this short. This game is about empire building in the 19th century. You can choose almost any country and start to expand your control, or in some cases just stuggle to survive. For any of you who have played Paradox's previous strategy games you should know that when it comes to depth, thier games are the Grand Canyon of the genre. There is little you can't do and for first timers it will take a while for you to get into the whole empire building and more importantly managing side of things. Once you get your head around this game it will keep you up all nite as you just try to expand one more colony or fight one more war. This is grand startegy at its best. Its not fair to rate this game on graphics since its just mainly maps and charts, everything there is colorful and clear. Sound as well is merely classical music from the time period that fits the flavour of this game quite well, the battle sound effects are more than adequate. When it comes to gameplay and value this game truly shines. Understanding the game dynamics and the interface are the main challenges, it is best to start with a small country that is easy to manage, Belgium or the Netherlands, this will help you get a grasp of the gameplay mechanics. Once you understand the functions of the game this game takes off and doesnt let you go. Every time you play the game there will be a different result and these game usually have a strong mod community that continues to build new scenarios and additions. Overall this is a great game for those who have patience and love history. It is one of the few games where you truly feel in control of the globe, and its a great feeling. Release your inner meglomaniac!