User Rating: 8.3 | Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun PC
There are aspects of "Victoria" that could use work. It doesn't have a tutorial, the manual is totally inadequate, and it's very, very complicated. I pick up most games quickly, yet "Victoria" took me over a day to finally figure out. And I'm still not sure about some gameplay aspects. Once you decode how the economic system works, however--it's a lot of fun, particularly if you're into this sort of thing. It just takes time. This isn't a game for everyone. Obviously, "Victoria" wasn't the Gamespot reviewer's cup of tea. He tends to make the assumption that a good game can't be complicated and hard to master. I disagree because this title has a lot to offer if you have the patience to get through it. "Victoria" is definitely a thinking man's experience. Overall, I'm very pleased.