Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun Cheats For PC

  1. Resource Cheats

    Press f12 to bring up the cheat prompt. Then type in code and press enter. Pressing up after hitting enter re-enters the last code entered. All these cheats add to your national resource stockpile.

    Effect Effect
    event 200 +10 morale to naval units
    event 201 +10 organization to naval units
    event 112 +2 fire value for infantry
    ammunition 100 amunition
    artillery 100 artillery
    cattle 100 cattle
    cement 100 cement
    coal 100 coal
    coffee 100 coffee
    cotton 100 cotton
    dye 100 dye
    explosives 100 explosives
    fabric 100 fabric
    fertilizer 100 fertilizer
    fruit 100 fruit
    fuel 100 fuel
    furniture 100 furniture
    glass 100 glass
    grain 100 grain
    iron 100 iron
    liquor 100 liquor
    lumber 100 lumber
    oil 100 oil
    opium 100 opium
    steel 100 steel
    sulfur 100 sulfur
    tea 100 tea
    timber 100 timber
    tobacco 100 tobacco
    wine 100 wine
    wool 100 wool
    event 214 Allows Commerce Raiders
    event 212 Allows Corvettes
    event 217 Allows Cruisers, disable Frigate
    event 110 Allows defense against gas attacks
    event 219 Allows Destroyers
    event 220 Allows Dreadnoughts
    event 109 Allows gas attacks
    event 221 Allows Heavy Cruisers
    event 215 Allows Ironclads
    event 216 Allows Monitors
    event 213 Allows steamer transports (replace clipper)
    event 218 Allows Torpedo Boats
    Event 14206 Annex Texas
    event 101 Clausewitzian: +5 organization to land units
    Event 16301 Converts slaves into laborers
    event 24025 XYZ Destroys a random factory, where XYZ is the tag of the owner of the factory
    event 23019 Free cavalry division, -12 Manpower
    event 23018 Free dragoon division, -12 Manpower
    event 23017 Free infantry division, -10 Manpower
    event 24008 Get 8 research points
    canned_food Grants 100 canned food
    luxury_furniture Grants 100 luxury furniture
    small_arms Grants 100 small arms
    tropical_wood Grants 100 tropical wood
    event 24037 Grants you a random technology you do not have yet
    event 24020 Increases Prestige by 10, improves relations with three random nearby nations by 25
    event 24013 Increases the output of a Precious Metal RGO by 10
    event 100 Jominian: +20 morale to all land units
    Event 14203 Make Mexico a satellite
    Event 14180 Quebec becomes satellite
    Event 15000 Reduce militancy and consciousness by 7 for all population groups.
    event 22013 (note: requires Bureucracy invention) Reduces your whole nation's militancy by 2
    event 23100 Triggers a Communist revolution - Country becomes a Proletarian Dictatorship
    event 23103 Triggers a Conservative revolution - Country becomes a Presidential Dictatorship
    event 23101 Triggers a Liberal revolution - Country becomes a Democracy
    event 23102 Triggers a Reactionary revolution - Country becomes a Monarchy
    event 24012 Upgrades the rail level of a random province you own by 1

    Contributed by: Abyssmal Fiend, Das, mtgowns 

  2. Main Cheats

    When playing game press [F12], type any of these cheats below and confirm with [Enter]:

    Effect Effect
    NOREVOLTS Defeat all
    LEADERSHIP Get leaders
    MONEY Get loads of money
    MANPOWER Get men
    PRESTIGE Get prestige
    SHOWID Get province IDs
    TRANSPORTS Get transports
    HANDSOFF Hands off all
    NOFOG No fog
    NOLIMIT No troops limits
    NOWAR No war
    DIFRULES Play like a God
    neville The AI will now accept any of your peace proposals
    FULLCONTROL Total control

    Contributed by: irishpony, revolution9