Short and sweet, could be better.

User Rating: 6.5 | Velvet Assassin PC
Checking out the stealth games, I came upon Velvet Assassin. Not the best game ever, but it has some cool concepts and game play.

The graphics are nice and crisp. This is one of the most critical parts of a game to lure you in and to keep the environments unique and exciting. It also works very well with the idea of stealth. Hide behind brush, walls, in the shadows, and so on. You don't need to guess where to hide; everything is straight forward, no tricks.

As like most games however, guards are idiots and stupidly placed. Some areas where guards patrol make no sense. Also they don't really have an AI because if two guards are talking to each other, than one goes on his patrol up a little bridge 10 feet away, comes back and his buddy is no longer there he doesn't even do anything or investigate. The only thing guards check out is a dead body in plain sight or you make noise/become visible. Other patrols are standing in front of a stone wall with their back towards the world giving you a clear way to kill them from behind.

Speaking of killing from behind, the stealth kills in the game are decently brutal. Nothing like manhunt or the suffering kills but none the less, they give a good bit of thrill watching. Dispatching bodies isn't that big a deal, but being able to drop them into the water would be a nice add-on that should be put into a sequel if there is to be one.

The main story line is a typical assassin story, with killing famous figures in the war. Another interesting feature is the flash back cut scenes which change up the game. Same can be said with the mission briefing screens with cool videos of the explanation.
Finally the ending seemed a bit head on. When I finally beat it, not known at the time, I thought there was going to be another loading screen to go to another mission but no! The game was over. I beat the game so fast that I didn't really think it was worth the mere 5 hours I played it for. It got me into the game and story after 3 hours, was really enjoying it by hour 4 and then another hour later my excitement was cut short.

Needless to say the game has some minor quirks to workout but other than those it is a solid game, which can be built upon in the future. Recommended but not worth more than 20 dollars or so.