Vectorman was just full of action and nonstop fun gameplay. Why can't he come out on the next gen consoles.

User Rating: 9.1 | Vectorman GEN
Ahhhhhhh!!! it's always good to relive the classics oh how I miss the ninty's.
I remember when I first played this game I was four years old and I was playing this game like crazy but the only sad part was that I have never ended it.:( The gameplay was super fast so were the enemies and the bosses which made them tough. Vectorman was just plainly a full action side scroller just like viewtiful joe. If they were to make another vectorman game for this gen or next gen consoles then I would really pick this copy up. Long live vectorman. Now the good and the bad list.

The good
.Fast gameplay
.Full of action
.Very long story mode
.So much to do with the gameplay

The bad
.Tough levels and tough bosses

Overall: 5 out of 5

Comment: Please sega make another vectorman game on the next gen consoles