It's better than many run and gun platformer games with it's addicting gameplay and awesome graphics.

User Rating: 9.3 | Vectorman GEN
Well. This is another game I played on the Sega Genesis Collection for PS2. It's like a Megaman a bit... but it's better than Megaman. This is one of the greatest Sega Genesis games ever. A very awesome classic. In the year 2049, you start off as a humble orbot named Vectorman who lands on Earth and finds chaos and confusion. With all other Orbots being controlled by Warhead, Vectorman must destroy the errant bot and restore peace to Earth. The storyline is pretty good and matches this sci-fi like adventure The game is not glitchy by most means and the levels are very stabled. The level designs and graphics are pre-rendered 3D. They do like nice, the graphics are similar to Donkey Kong Country for the SNES. Vectorman's design is simple but looks very cool. The enemies look really good. The explosions are very nice and advanced for the games' time. The game is one of the greatest looking games on the Sega Genesis, rivaling Donkey Kong Country's excellent graphics. The game is a run and gun game so running and shooting represents this game by some parts. The controls are like Megaman on PS2 to me (I played this on Sega Genesis Collection, not Genesis). Square is for shooting, X is for jumping and if you press X twice you will do a double jump. The only attack is shooting. Your health bar are 3 or 4 green balls. Sometimes when you kill a enemy, a green ball will appear and if you touch you get a some health back if you got hit. The enemies attacks aren't to bad. The air enemies can suddenly come out of nowhere and attack you which is sometimes cheap but challenging at times. The level designs help the game play great. The bosses aren't perfect but fun to encounter. They're challenging, cool and just plain vicious in a good way. With it's easy controls and challenging gameplay makes Vectorman's gameplay be really cool. The sound effects are really cool, especially when a enemy gets destroyed. The shooting sounds are classic and the music is really awesome. Overally, Vectorman is no dissapointment and will always be hailed as a classic. Run and gun fans will love. Platformer fans will love it. Action/Adenture games will love it. Vectorman is one of the greatest Genesis titles in the history of the Sega Genesis. Blue Sky Entertainment did great here, and as this game was published by Sega during their most sucessful console, the Sega Genesis (though I like the Dreamcast more), this gave Sega more money (though they lost a lot of money. Due to the Sega Saturn's failure in america). Easily a classic, and always a classic.