Vectorman was a classic then, and it's a classic now.

User Rating: 10 | Vectorman GEN
Vectorman came out when the Genesis was pretty much dead. The Saturn raced out into the front lines, and Sega themselves were losing steam. Enter Vectorman, a timeless classic that looks great, plays great, and will be one of the best games of ALL TIME!

+8: Looks great even now
+15: Pushed the Genesis to it's limit.

-1: Rare graphic glitches, but that is expected.

GRAPHICS POINTS OVERALL: 10/10 (O_O what to do with those 12 extra points...): There is little to say here. Vectorman, in its time, looked like a flippin god, using every atom of space in the Genesis, while still keeping glitches to a minimal. Even today, it is extremely cool looking because of its unique visual style. That is very rare.

+1 Sounds retro in a cool way
+3 Sounds are crisp and clear, and they always stay totally intact

-1 Some sounds play in every stage.
-2 Alot of the sounds will get on your nerves...

SOUND POINTS OVERALL: 1/5: The sounds are retro, and they never clip out, but they are really ANNOYING!! Plus, I don't like listening to things over and over again...

+4 Alot of different tracks
+2 The tracks are all loud enough to be heard

-2 Music has worn out over the years.

MUSIC POINTS OVERALL: 4/5: The music is also top-notch in this game. It is very disco-y, you can ACTUALLY HEAR IT, and it won't distract you from all that shooting.

TECHNO MUMBO JUMBO OVERALL: 15/20: Not a great sound score, but the graphics more than make up for it. If you are looking for a great visual expierience, look no further.


+15 Controls are very easy to learn
+10 Aiming is a sinch, but you won't master it in seconds.

-5: The controls (turning) are slightly off when you are in a vehicle.

CONTROL OVERALL: 20/20: This game is increadably tight in control. Although the vehicles are a bit hard to get used to, within 30 seconds of controling them, you should be able to control without a hitch.

+4: Stages have many hidden areas.
+5: There is a great amount of weapons you can use
+2: You can occasionally side-track from the normal game.

-1: It's still an SSS, just a bit deep for one.

OVERALL DEPTH POINTS: 10/10: This game has a suprising amount of depth hidden in this game, and while most of it can be ignored, it wouldn't be advisable, unless you don't like large stages :(

+13 large amount of room to explore
+5 bosses are fun
+10 Alot of good weapons to try out.

-3 balance is a bit off
-2 still an SSS

OVERALL FUN POINTS: 23/30: Vectorman is a very fun game, although its difficulty sometimes goes steep on you, and it is still an SSS, no matter what it does.

OVERALL GAMEPLAY POINTS: 53/60: The game will rarely frustrate you: That is the only naunce in the otherwise excellent gameplay.


+3 large areas with tons of hidden goodies :D
+2 Hidden mini-games in certain areas.
+1 There are codes >.>

SECRETS OVERALL RATING: 6/5: There are codes, mini-games, and hiddin areas! YAYZ!

+5 Turning into vehicles and weapons is kinda new

-3 all of the novelty wore off.
INNOVATION POINTS OVERALL: 2/5: nothing new -_-

+5 Vectorman roxors.

OVERALL: 12/15

Score for game: 98/100