One of the wierdest but best adventure games during its time

User Rating: 9.6 | Vectorman GEN
Action adventure side scrolling at its best. Vectorman is one of the top old school adventure games to play on the old consoles why you may ask because I said so okay no maybe not but trust me if your looking for some old side scrolling fun then this one game you may want to try.
Vectorman is a robot on a planet that is covered with filth and waste. Apparently the humans made a mess and have left until the robots on the entire planet clean it up until they return nice . Anyway some of the robots got tired of cleaning and decided when the humans return they will well... kill them... very badly...yeah. The robots leader is a machine named Warhead and Vectorman for some reason is going to stop them (single handed by the looks of things) before the humans return.
The game starts off by setting Vectorman in the most bizzare of environments I mean there are TV's hanging from the ceiling not bad for a filth planet the first level is set in an airport/skyscraper/floating fortress area theme, I know its hard to swallow but its true. Each level has its wierd terrain and enemies like fighting underground/church area, to lightningstorms/metal factory , or wierd vegtable areas/chemical plant arae.
The enemies themselves are just as wierd like legs a robot that kicks you like an ostrich or Jaws a fire extingwisher with a baretrap mouth not joke wierd but fun like Mario. The games typical sidescroll action let you run form one end to the other with time limit and sometimes theres a boss at the end unlike most games like Sonic or Shinobi the bosses are random they only appear at the end of certain levels. Some levels aren't even sidecrolling how do you like that for different Katamari. No some levels are set in areas where you can move up, down, left, and right like the one where your a top fighting in a disco environment room fighting a rotating head. Zapping the floor with electicity and bouncing off other tops. Speaking of him as a top Vectorman like most cool main character robots has the ability to transform. from animals like a cricket. To a train a drill even to weapons like missiles and bombs I wonder how he'd survive doing that. Oh well he doesn't just transform he also has a weapon a blaster that is attached to his hand that can be changed a different series of blasts from straight to bouncy to whirls.Shooting either catches more enemies in range or kills more faster. The way to earn health different weapons and different transformations is by shooting those TV sets hanging. The soundtrack is also wierd following the exact type of techno bounce rythm set in each level, speaking of sound Vectormans voice and attitude are whats really cool like when he beats a level he'll hold up two peace signs and his round gut will drop. Not to mention his cool catch phrases like c'mon and alright with a cool computer tone voice thats just likable. The graphics are really great delivering somewhat 3-D graphics to genesis great graphics for a 16 bit game system.Well thats my review for this game
hope everyone liked it till next time thats my review.