What can you say about the game that could easily overcome Halo, yet never garnered any real respect?

User Rating: 9.2 | Vectorman GEN
A lot apparently. In the closing years of the Sega Genesis, this game was a beacon of hope among the other garbage. And I honestly dont know what happened. A lot of people overlooked this game and shunned it as though it were Barbera Streissands farewell tour album (which means there were a lot of others like it out there). Shame on you all..... (not that I like that old hag, she needs to get gone.) This game was practically revolutionary. It pushed the graphics limits of the Genesis and kept me at attention for more hours of my life than Ive ever spent on any other game. Playing it through and beating it wasn't the only good thing about the game. The levels had so many hidden areas that it would take you a while just to find them all. After all these years, I dont think I remember where most of them are. The sound sometimes could get really annoying with the repeating blast of you arm gun. But turning down the sound FX and pumping up the music was better. The techno beats fit all of the levels perfectly. All in all, find this game, buy it, play it, love it. Or not. At least keep it and give some respect to those of us who knows this game 0wnz.