A highly underrated yet fantastic shooting experience.

User Rating: 9 | Vanquish X360
Blasting apart robots, fighting giant bosses, rocketing across the ground at breakneck speeds, this all sounds fun right? Well, it really, really is.
Vanquish is a third person shooter, but not a slow realistic one. The Earth is under attack by some Russian guy who took over this space station blah blah, it's forgettable and I played it yesterday. You only ever see the main villain and the president three or four times and you never think about them in between. The threat against the U.S. is the only thing you care about as you shoot enemy robots trying to get to the station to destroy it.
You play as Sam, who is wearing the Augmented Reaction Suit, giving him the ability to basically slow down everyone else by moving so fast. You use this to shoot multiple enemies in quick succession or to escape when your health is low, where it activates automatically if you have enough suit power. Your suit also has rocket packs, letting you slide across the battlefield very quickly. This is useful for getting behind big enemies to there weak points, or just flanking. You can carry up to three weapons, along with two grenade types. You can swap out any of these three weapons with ones you find on the ground or in crates. You can also upgrade your weapons by finding upgrades or picking up the same weapon when you have full ammo.
The only other characters you see all the time are Robert, the leader of the soldiers with you, and Elena, who is helping you from a ship in space with her computer. Robert is the only one you may care about, but not likely.
Graphically this game looks great but you may become tired of all the grey and mechanical backgrounds. You do travel to a jungle/grassy area for awhile but other than that, it's grey. Character face animations in cut scenes look good but in game not so much, but you will be moving around too much to care anyway. Robots explode nicely and bosses are large and tough.
Sound is also great, though you may tire of the super raspy, tough guy voices of the main character and Robert. Soundtrack fit in but nothing stood out to me. Explosions and sounds alerting you to incoming missiles were easy to pinpoint and weren't overwhelming considering the amount of chaos in this game.
While is may seem like this game is mediocre, the game play is so solid that it is the main reason to get this game. The story may not be the most interesting, but it is enough to give you a reason to keep fighting, along with the insane boss battles. Vanquish is a very fun game, one of the few that I sat down and beat in one sitting, around 6 hours with the cut scenes. Everyone should give it a chance, as I'm it passed under the radar of many of you.