At my wits end. Need some Challenge 6, Round 5 advice

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So Vanquish is one of my favorite games this gen...and pretty much of all time. But i have to slowly becoming disenchanted with it. Ive been stuck on challenge 6 for months. Not kidding. Months. I can get to round 5 almost every attempt, but once i get to those two bogies...i just cant beat them. Ive watched and studied every tutorial i could find. Ive attempted so many different strategies, from standing under their spawn point, emp, wait for them to drop and rocket launch and shotgun. Or took out the rollers first, then concentrated with lock ons. Etc. Etc. Ive gotten them down to about half life, but never more. I had my best chance just the other day, as one of the bogies got stuck behind the fence, but still couldnt do it. This is the only trophy i have left for the plat, and my dilema is...i want to beat it..but im afraid if i keep going on like this, i will end up hating the game and never touch it again. If anyone has some advice...i would sure love to hear it. Again...i absolutely love this game and i dont want to end up hating it. Thanks in advance.