Am I supposed to install the patch first or the game?

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I have to restart the game due to Isaac asking me if I headed to kings way when I already completed the mission and the game crashes when I try to escape the Society of Leopold. I don't mind replaying it because its awesome but this time I'm looking forward to beating the game. I'm just not sure if I should install the patch before I install the game. Or if I should install the game and then the patch. I don't want to mess this up this time.

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Had the same issue. Installed the game first and the patch second and it all worked smooth.

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The game keeps crashing for me as well. I found a patch online and installed it (after installing the game) but the crash keeps happening. I do believe the patch should be installed after the game but I can't explain why it keeps crashing on me. Might as well try to do it the other way around.